23 August 2010

Mermaid Inn- Greenwich Village

Painted white plank ceilings and the long crowded bar of Mermaid Inn welcomed us from the torrential rain. Within the soft gray, white and champagne lights- groups of two or three huddled around large platters of oysters (the chef selects a daily 1$ oyster special...and it's only available at the bar!). I sipped on the Mermaid Mary, which is pitch perfect with stout, old bay on the rim and a cocktail shrimp garnish. A bowl of Goldfish crackers and a cone of everything spiced crisps with butter were placed before us for nibbling, as we waited for our first round of oysters.

The daily selection: Malpeque. We also requested a side of gouda hush puppies for our first round of plates. With foursquare check-in, you are offered a free side! Other tempting choices include Old Bay Fries and sea salt asparagus.

The condiments served with the oysters are gorgeous- vinegar tart with shallots and horseradish plopped over cocktail sauce. We took the liberty to dip the hush puppies in them as well.

For our second course, we partook in the steamed P.E.I. mussels with shallots, white wine, butter and garlic- as well- we requested the the sauteed calamari tossed with shitakes, criminis, feta and radicchio. I could base a religion around the calamari. The marriage of ingredients is absolutely stunning: tart, protein and modest bitter of the greens.

We transitioned to Prosecco and considered dessert. The verdict? Another 1/2 dozen of the 1$ Malpeque special!

Images: from my iPhone.

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