25 November 2009

a brunch at Sears Fine Foods

Established in 1938, Sears Fine Foods has strong roots in San Francisco. Despite the discouraging appearance of the wait, we were seated quickly. The breakfast menu (served until 3:00pm) was relatively simple and the service: prompt.

We sipped on warm, fresh coffee and mulled over our choices. Not in the mood for a large breakfast (that would, let's face it, send me into a hangover coma), I opted for the "Fresh Seasonal Fruit." I take the liberty of adding the quotes to cement the fact that the strawberries appeared previously frozen, the melon wasn't ripe and the grapes weren't carefully selected. The ingenue in the bowl: pineapple.

My brunch partner chose the Eggs Benedict. I'm a bit of an E. Benny buff- lending me to offer a harsh criticism: 24-hour diner quality. The hash browns appeared desperately greasy and the presentation could have been improved with a bit of color. Perhaps an herb garnish?

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