29 November 2009

a brunch at Onda

Wandering down the Seaport, I noticed a nearly empty bar with a sign offering $4 Bloody Mary, Mimosa and Bellini specials. I glanced at the menu: surprisingly engaging, as well reasonably, if not cheaply, priced. I considered moving on: cannot be that good. Then I noticed the 2010 Michelin Guide Recommended sticker. With one more glance, I stepped in.

I requested a Bloody Mary. The bar keep appeared to be Italian, though the menu at Onda is contemporary Latin American. He took his time with the cocktail. Soft conversation exchanged with the servers- all in casual clothes well-tailored to their frame. My first sip of the Bloody revealed a dominant lime flavor- a gentle nod to the Latin themed menu. The bar keep set a small bowl of house made chips before me.

As I looked over the menu, a short man with a humble smile offered me a plate of warm flatbread with white bean paste dressed in olive oil and paprika. The palate of spices and texture offered a particular comfort as well discouraged me from ordering a small plate before my brunch. Among those: gorgeous bruschettas, heuvos, cheeses, cured meats. Onda certainly lends thoughts of sharing the spot with a partner to nibble and sip wine.

For my entree, I requested the Colombian Arepa with poached egg, grilled Chorizo, creamed spinach and bacon. Onda certainly pulled together with this dish. I believe that a restaurant's "Benedict family" recipe is a an excellent indicator of the attention and affection for the food in the kitchen. The Arepa's texture: buttery perfection- unlike any other I had ever tasted. The Chorizo's firmness coupled with savory flavor offered balance to the creamed spinach. Each ingredient functioned as a unit that could certainly be appreciated solo, though together they are a seamless marriage.

Though I very much enjoy my occasional solo brunch- and was among other solo brunch diners- Onda is a place meant to be shared with someone you enjoy.

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