25 September 2014

Dr. Brandt Laser Focus Launch at Birchbox SoHo

Birchbox teamed up with Dr. Brandt Skin Care to host a VIP event in their SoHo brick & mortar shop in mid-September to launch the new Laser Fx serum line.  The celebrity dermatologist Dr. Brandt made himself available to speak on his product line and socialize with Birchbloggers.

Wine and hors d'oeuvres flowed between the clean displays of Dr. Brandt skin care products and other featured offerings. Dr. Brandt opened with an impromptu rap (view it here), then shared the story behind the three Fx serums: Lift, Perfect and Bright. Birchbloggers were then encouraged to approach Dr. Brandt one-to-one and enjoy beauty treatments.

As the evening came to a close, each Birchblogger received a custom gift-bag with their choice of serum (I opted for the Laser Fx Bright), which included over $200 of Dr. Brant Skin Care products and a wine stopper. The wine stopper made me laugh. Random...and appreciated!

I waited to share this post until I'd used the products for at least a week. The Laser Fx Bright Serum promises to target dark spots and dullness. The formula is infused with encapsulated Vitamin C, Epidermosil and Knotgrass extract, which is a proven infrared and thermal aging fighter.

While true results should typically take 4-6 weeks, I can attest that in this short time my skin feels supple and I have a slight improvement in a dewy appearance. I love the light texture and clean scent.

Purchase Dr. Brandt at Birchbox.

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