22 August 2014

Have a chic weekend.

Everything in this photo is exactly how I plan to spend  my weekend. What are you getting yourself into? Wrap yourself into something good. You deserve it.


A round-up from around the web:

Dogs eating popsicles.

Your Twitter timeline has some new bells and whistles.

Tea for two.

Dress down on Wall Street.

Live better.

A modern super hero bedroom.

There is an app that converts your favorite photos to nail art.

I've been on an eggplant dip kick lately. I plan to make this smokey variety next.

Stop refrigerating your butter.

Your ultimate guide to the Simpson's marathon.

Would you pay $70 for a cup of joe? It comes from an elephant's butt.

Bear-y cute cookies.

City Living vs. Suburban Living: how it affects your health.

Subway yoga.


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