11 July 2014

Have a Fun Weekend.

Hello Weekend. I've missed you.  

What are you getting into? I'm excited to grill steaks, relax with our little family and carve out some time to edit photos. We might check out Huey Lewis and the News at The Met's Game and Bastille Day festival in Brooklyn. Hopefully there will be a jalapeño margarita and guacamole with chips involved too.


A round-up of things around the web:

Adorable: Waffle probably has the ball you lost.

Speaking of margaritas, these are the ten best in New York City. #takemethere

Everyone is moving to Seattle.

The world's highest water slide.

A slumber party at the Museum of Natural History.

Chipotle ordering secrets.

This made me laugh.

Morning swim.

Ten habits of people that follow their dreams.

The mysterious fake town in the DMZ.

Obama cut the line at a BBQ joint in Austin.

Monks start brewing beer to save abbey.

Manhattenge is happening tonight.


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