21 July 2014

Have an adventurous weekend.

It's that beautiful time of the week when we pack out overnight bag and head out for an adventure. What are you getting into this weekend? We're driving up to Syracuse for a wedding shower with family. I can't wait to settle in for good food and conversation.


A round-up of things happening around the web:

Beauty for busy New York women.

Haunting images of empty spaces.

10 Ways to be a little French.

American Apparel is having a sale.

Birchbox opens a brick and mortar.

Friends share genes.

A map of planes getting the heck out of Ukrainian air space.

A large sausage is stolen in the night.

The day and life of a taxi driver.

Icelanders grieve for peculiar lake balls.

How becoming a father changes your brain.

Cappuccino potato chips.

A room for your fur kid.


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