30 August 2013

Cork Watch

A little minty face and cork might just be the ticket to keeping you on schedule. From Sprout Watches, this unique watch crafted from organic materials is a steal at $45.

29 August 2013

Suede & Exotic Leather Pouch

Can you ever have too many handbag choices in your wardrobe? Probably...I'm approaching capacity in my tiny Manhattan apartment closet. This doesn't inhibit me from obsessing a wee bit over these suede and exotic leather pouches from Ann Taylor! I love a little tassel in my life. Which color do you like? I'm leaning towards the Well Red, but the Black and Heirloom Sapphire are pretty and ideal pairing with most ensembles. Wishlisted!

27 August 2013


Salty air, crashing waves and these totes from Seabags: summer perfection. Crafted from recycled sails, these totes are the ultimate vehicle for your dry oil, bottled water and sneaky beers to ride to the beach in. View the full collection from the Portland, Maine based maker here. Psst..for you sailors out there- they will trade you bags for old sails!

anatomicals: spray misty for me

Lately, I've been big on facial spritzers. Summer heat, low-moisture air flights and winter chills all have their way with your skin (and I have sensitive skin to boot!). I've found that a few sprays, a few times a day, can refresh my face to a dewy, healthy glow.

Although I've recently committed to Tacha as my go-to facial mist, I discovered anatomicals spray misty for me by way of my August Glossybox (kudos, best box I've received yet with all bases covered: hair, lips, eyes, face). At first glance, I wasn't exactly thrilled. Truth be told, I judge a book by its cover and the branding just isn't for me. However, I'll try anything twice.

I tested the spray over the last week and have to grown to love it. With soothing lavender and peppermint extracts and healing rose, the formula offers a quick replenishing quality without disrupting make-up.

Read more about anatomicals here. They only want you for your body.

Southwestern + Cashmere

I've had an itch lately. An itch for a little more cashmere and southwestern design in my wardrobe. I'm completely enamored with these pieces from Aqua. Doesn't that cardigan look cozy? It's perfect for cool nights, running errands and long trips.  Wishlisted!

Images: Bloomingdales.

26 August 2013

Missoni Gold Turban Headband

Living Downtown, I push my way through the wind when I walk to work or happy hour. Think hair stuck to lips (I've given up on applying lip glaze before arrival) and constantly needing to replace victim umbrellas.

I love cashmere hats in late Fall and Winter-but would like something for days between when joining friends for cocktails at outdoor bars or on my terrace. There is something metropolitan chic about turban headbands. I love this gold band from luvluxx, which is crafted from Missioni sweater fabric. I'm definitely going to toss it into my carry-on before boarding our next long-haul plane to Prague and Budapest in November! Coupled with a few sprays of dry shampoo, I'll be good to go until refreshing at the hotel.

Image & Product- luvluxx.

23 August 2013

Whish & Birchbox

Birchbox and Whish came together this past Tuesday for an evening of skin pampering,  fun conversation and wine! I must admit I was a wee bit exhausted juggling projects at work- but the moment I rolled out of the cab and was handed a pretty glass, I was in my element.

Having received the blueberry shaving cream and coconut body scrub in Birchbox goody assortments- I was familiar with the Whish line- but admittedly, not quite sold on integrating the products into my regimen. After a foot scrub/massage and corresponding hand treatment, I headed back to the front of the salon to chat up the Whish rep. She hooked me on the coconut self tanning moisturizer with spf 20 (la la lovely Hamptons tan is being extended through the Fall!), coconut serum (luscious!), deodorant wipes (long haul plane ride savers!) and lemongrass sugar scrub (to share with my husband!). I'm a wee bit obsessed with the yummy scents, natural and nourishing (read: AGE DEFYING!) ingredients and gorgeous simple packaging.

To boot,  event guests were offered a bonus Birchbox favor with lavender shave cream, coconut scrub and after shave balm. I'm completely in love with the lavender! After a few days of use, I ordered the full size cream at Birchbox! It's warm, succulent and a tad bit spicy.

Read more about Whish and shop the delicious line here.

21 August 2013

Real Housewives & Hanky Panky

My mother instilled me with the philosophy, "If you find something that fits well and makes you feel good-buy it in every color." I have this type of relationship with Hanky Panky thongs. I shamelessly ransack their annual sample sale. I'm also shamelessly into the Real Housewives of New York, New Jersey, Beverly Hills & Miami (sorry OC, Georgia...you don't make the cut).

Any who, aren't these new Housewives inspired thongs from Hanky Panky fun? Purchase at the Bravo Shop. Kudos to expanding to Andy Cohen with the Mazel thong. Now that's funny.

16 August 2013

What Maisie Knew

                              What Maisie Knew looks sweet and bit melancholy. Will you see it? I'm looking forward to catching it on Netflix. Huffington Post hast some dialogue around the themes of the film worth checking out (click here). The wide-eyed and  adorable child actress Onata Aprile filmed a sweet interview on parenting and divorce here.

15 August 2013

Tatcha LUMINOUS dewy skin mist

I'm new to Tatcha. New and in love. Inspired by the heritage of geisha beauty rituals, Tatcha Luminous dewy skin mist is a blend of Okinawan Red Algae Extra and Tatcha's signature HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex. A few sprays during your morning and evening rituals boost your complexion as the formula soothes and hydrates. Who doesn't love a dewy and silken appearance?

Tatcha further impressed me with their free shipping (which notably landed in my New York City doorman's possession less than 48 hours after the transaction -from San Francisco-), three free samples, gorgeous information cards and handwritten thank you/invoice on velvety stationary.

You've got a customer for life, Tatcha.

kate spade: Inspired by the Big Apple

I dipped into my inbox this morning to find a adorable Big Apple-themed kate spade collection of accessories and apparel featured at Bloomingdales. These gold flats with pretzel flare are my fav! See the full collection here.

Image: Bloomingdales.

14 August 2013

Meals Interrupted

Photographer Davide Luciana and his wife Claudia Ficca created a fun series of photos depicting social gathering snafus. Titled Meals Interrupted, the subjects include a swarm of bees and a mobster slain. Pretty dang cool. Check out more great images at Claudia Ficca's webpage.

13 August 2013


The Pug mom in me can't help but love this funny sweatshirt from Oh Deer. Available in (4) colors, check out the details here.

The Perfect Coral Lipstick

I rarely color my lips, but when I do- I seek out coral hues. I took it upon myself to patiently search for the perfect orange-y-pink hue. MAC's Vegas Volt caught my attention a few weeks ago with its vibrant cream. It's incredibly flattering and carries you from office to happy hour. Purchase at Mac Cosmetics dot com.

Image credit.

12 August 2013

Potato Baskets

With the constant stimulation and excitement that comes with being a New Yorker, I ascribe to a simple designs for the interior of my living space. Given the limited square footage that comes with living in Manhattan, I find storage solutions to be a deeply engaging topic. I'm digging these colorful wire potato baskets from Minam. The yellow would look fantastic in my my bathroom with spare towels rolled up inside.

08 August 2013

Numi Savory Teas

While perusing the Green & Natural section at Drugstore dot com, I discovered Numi savory teas. Blood Mary placebo for the office? Perhaps. I ordered the Garden Sampler box.

Being an all seasons iced tea devotee, I made the critical mistake of sampling the Tomato Mint, Broccoli Cilantro and Carrot Ginger chilled without following the "Steep for 10 minutes or forever if you like.." instructions. I had mixed feelings- will I grow to love this or is it really terrible? I decided to prepare the Fennel Spice as directed by patiently steeping in hot water.  Spicy and hearty, this savory tea packs a seriously good experience in a mug. The Spinach Chive and Beet Cabbage also delivered. I'm hooked!

Read more and order at Numi Organics.

On day four, I brought

(Image Credit: Serious Eats)

07 August 2013

Montjiro: The Best Dressed Dog on Instagram.

It was one of those mornings, where everything seems to need pressing or laundering. I finally threw on a pink dress and leopard pumps and decided I didn't care. Any who, I digress. How adorable is Montjiro, the best dressed pooch on Instagram (according to Incredible Things)? A pint-sized and big-eyed inspiration to those having uninspired mornings in front of their wardrobes.

05 August 2013

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

Looking for a good summer read? No, not really? You should still download Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? (And Other Concerns). It's light, witty, full of sage advice and I struggle to not laugh loudly through the turning of pages. Why am I working so hard to hold that back? Everyone loves the sound of laughter, no? Purchase at Amazon.