23 October 2013

Wet n Wild Finds

Dirty little secret: I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to beauty. I prefer boutiques and Sephora to Drugstore brands. Wet n Wild was a childhood staple. Cheap, bright and accessible, I had shunned it as I aged and relied on a career rather than monthly allowance from Dad....

And then I got off my high horse and discovered two fantastic beauty staples:

Wet n Wild Megalast nail lacquer- Wet Cement
This polish is no joke! The formula is thick, fast-drying and ridiculously chip proof (take it from the Queen of Chipping herself- my husband is constantly reminding me to ask him to open things to save my manicure- a good man indeed). The bottle comes with an amazing brush designed to carefully and evenly distribute color. True to my New York tribe, I chose the neutral hue Wet Cement.

$1.99 at Duane Reade or $2.29 at Drugstore dot com

Wet n Wild Fergie Eye Shadow Palette-Desert Festival
The packaging is cheap, but the colors are extremely pigmented and will last for some time. The palette features two shimmers and three mattes. I'm in love with the earthy, southwestern colors. Tip: use your own high quality brushes, rather than the applicators they provide.

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