28 October 2013

Shalva Dead Sea Minerals Skin Care

After a margarita brunch (a dangerous time to be schlepping around SoHo), I skipped towards C. Wonder and found myself being coaxed into Shalva. The clean lay-out lends itself to the name, which translates to tranquil, calm.

The sales woman cleansed my hands with Deja Vu scrub formulated with "sought after" Dead Sea Minerals. I'll admit my hands were immediately transformed to a silky, youthful feel. Following the exfoliation,  a pea-sized drop of Deja Vu body butter was thoroughly applied. The sales woman promised that the cream would last a year, as only a teeny tiny portion is needed 1-2x per week.

Ok, I drank the Koolaid. I purchased the special of one cream, one scrub and choice of "free" additional scrub or butter and choice of "free soap". Having later Googled and found scads of terrible reviews, I'm a wee bit surprised. The truth is- yes, the products are a bit pricey- however, they are highly concentrated and produce noticeable youthful results after a single use. To boot, you don't need to use them on a daily basis for continued results.

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