14 October 2013

Borghese for Kirkland Signature Anit-Agining Serum

Hey New Yorkers...have you ever been to a Lot-Less? It's typically moderately disorganized route for purchasing reasonably priced Cholula or Colgate. I'm a sucker for a good deal, so I'm into it.

I schlepped over to the near my apartment in search for good quality, discounted sheets (an attempt to put off laundry until after I return from Paris- I booked my father to come out and stay in our apartment to take care of our Pug, Pilgrim).

Greeted by a display of Borghese for Kirkland Signature Anti-Aging Serum for $9.99, I was a curious. Did I possibly find a treasure chest? Growing up, Costco translated to bulk packages ideal for birthday parties/little league snacks, endless sampling booths and Kirkland Signature jeans that we made fun of our Dads for wearing (not my Dad! He was Levi's cool...which when you live in western Washington, is pretty dang cool). Any who, I digress...

I purchased a tube and headed home. After testing a pump on my hand, I cleansed my face and applied. The texture is velvety, instantly nourishing and lightly scented. I sampled the serum a few more times over the next 48-hours and did a little Google research. Borghese serum retails for around $80, the  Kirkland Signature pairing for $20. I resolved to head back to Lot-Less to pick-up a few more tubes. Why not? Great deal for a natural, effective product.

(Psst...how about that Ruffian Manicure decorating my fingers?)

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