15 October 2013

Pre-Paris C. Wonder Haul!

Oh Paris! I'm headed back to the City of Lights to accompany my husband on his business trip. I've been jetting around Lower Manhattan running last minute errands- and I just had to dip into the C. Wonder SoHo Flagship Store. I had my sights on a pair of black suede pumps with metallic gold heels...then I saw these...

Blue suede with toes dipped in black and navy glitter- these pumps feature a interior metallic gold wall on the thick heel, which will offer extra support when loafing from museum, to cafe, to boutique. I'm crazy for the navy/black pairing which will compliment many of my handbags and take me from day-to-night.

While dipping my little piggies into various sizes of pumps, I caught this quilted jacket out of the corner of my eye. Deep pockets, mid-weight lining and snap-buttons- the New Yorker in me began darting my eyes around the looking a black model. I resorted to the sales guy holding my next pair  of shoes and asked. To which he responded, "Everyone asks that. We only sell bright colors." Wait, what? I see plenty of colors...but beaucoup de noir as well! It was fate though...the navy compliments my pale complexion with dark features.

 How could I resist a good elbow patch on a season transition jacket with vibrant lining? It seems that I was having a blue-themed day. Do you do that?  I've noticed that I tend to purchase of handful of a color group at a time.

To seal the deal, I invested in a few pieces of costume jewelry from the sale section. Costume jewelry is a timeless and playful way to accessorize and catch eyes. You know, if that's your thing. If you're not local to New York, check out C. Wonder's website.

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