31 March 2011

Numbered Trinket Boxes

I keep my earrings and rings in the cardboard logo'd boxes they came to me in. Wouldn't these numbered trinket boxes be a fun alternative for folks who store jewelry as I do? You can find your own at Old Hollywood in Brooklyn.

Doctor Satchel

I've been keeping my eyes open for small pocketbook to wear to dinners or cocktails. This sleek and minimalist Doctor Satchel from Steven Alan is darling and a good alternative to schlepling a giant hand bag!

The Royals Get Their Own Graphic Novel

Flip through the pages of Prince William and Kate Middleton's romance. Yes, it's now told in the form of a graphic novel. Preview more at Telegraph UK. (Better than rubbers, no?)

Lego Lunch Box

Might I suggest a Lego Lunch box?

29 March 2011

Do you want you iPhone to look a little more 1982?

If your answer is 'yes,' you ought to navigate here to check out all available skins....

Ballet is hard.

Adorable little film on the challenges of childhood ballet:) I'm reminded of practicing with my older brother. (I'm told her was more of a natural than me!)


I'm digging Marc Laroche's photo series, 'Hair.'

Over Time

From graphic designer Jonathan Zawanda, the above paintings are part of a series titled Over Time. The use of bold colors on geological landscapes is quite engaging. The artist resides in Australia.

28 March 2011


The last few times I was in Fishs Eddy perusing for new kitchen goodies, I couldn't help but think, "Would my Mum (who works in the medical industry) enjoy the pills plates?" She has no shortage of gorgeous flatware and china, but these are clever! I'm reminded of a career fair we attended together for a college which had offered me a scholarship- she aggressively encouraged me to become a pharmacist:)

Featurette: Black Swan Special Effects

Natalie Portman's body double, ballerina Sarah Lane, claimed she performed the majority of the dancing in the film Black Swan. It's a fascinating twist given the plot, no? Further, Lane noted that in many of the scenes, her face was grafted onto her body by film editors. Check out the Wall Street Journal interview with Lane.

25 March 2011

Together: Pets & People in Japan Disaster Relief Shelters

I'm a little comforted to read this update on pets and owners offering love and support to each other while sorting the aftermath of the tradegy in Japan. Above, a woman shares her food with a dog in a disaster relief shelter in Japan. View more heartwarming images at Global Animal.

Image: Reuters/Global Animal

24 March 2011

The New Yorker & Japan

Artist Christoph Niemann designed the cover of the recent New Yorker- donned in nuclear flowers. The art editor, Francoise Mouly, details: “wanted to use the irony” but said she had a “reservation about how beautiful it was.”


Feist - My Moon My Man

Mannekin Piss/Peeing Dog Glasses

I've been thinking about expanding my collection of drinking glasses. Clever, no? Conversation pieces, to be sure. Find them at Donkey Products.

23 March 2011

I like you.

Artist Gemma Correll is a fellow Pug momma...and she draws clever pictures of chubby critters (mostly Pugs!)

The Pink & Blue Project

From photographer JeongMee Yoon, The Pink & Blue project examines the roles we play in gender construction. Read more at Brain Pickings.

Sharp Cardigan

Spotted and hearted. From All Saints Spitalfieds, the Stripe Manila Cardigan is also available in ecru and chalk colored stripes.

The Bailey

If you're a suit on Wall Street, you're at home in The Bailey. The handsome after-work venue has a massive white bull ready to charge, excessively large windows and a sixty-seven foot walnut bar. While I typically sip bubbly and nibble on whatever tidbits are ordered in the form of group-size platters, I recently explored the menu a bit outside of work outings.

In company, three small plates seemed to suit our craving. We selected the savory French Onion soup (piping hot w/ Gruyere), the Ahi Tuna Tar Tar (in ginger-wasabi dressing with a hijiki seaweed salad) and the bratwurst with sauerkraut, micro-shaved horseradish and spicy mustard. The eclectic mix satisfied wonderfully- we may have even left a few bites. While in, I'd recommend taking a gander at the decent beer list and sampling the Champagne Sangria from the custom cocktail's menu.

You're prettiest when you're HAPPY.


22 March 2011

Tree of Life.

I'm still wrapping my thoughts around the upcoming film, "Tree of Life." Little has been released, other than it's quality as a 1950's period piece.

Spring-y Dress

I'm thinking about pouring Arnold Palmers to guests on a big wrap-around porch, while wearing this fun dress from Stella McCartney...

21 March 2011

Moments in Our Sunday

I love Sundays. Well rested from sleeping in Saturday, revived from Friday nightlife- there is an easy flow. We wandered down the Fishbridge Dog Run with coffee from Made Fresh Daily for Pilgrim to let out his steam. He made a new friend.

Although the air had cooled a bit from the whopping Friday night high of 76 degrees, the sunshine and blue skies encouraged us to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, to seek out brunch. We stopped at a produce stand for fresh fruit and veggies for the week.

Granted there is a tremendous number of pitch-perfect brunch venues in Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill, we couldn't resist our favored Char No. 4. We each had a few smoky bourbon Bloody Mary cocktails with house-made pickles and shared three plates (brisket hash special with sunny side up eggs, goat cheese/horseradish dressed radicchio, the pork nuggets and house-smoked bacon). A few friends showed up, noticing our post on facebook.

Before heading to the grocery store, we decided to have margaritas at Lobo. A bit excessive, I know, but we did have an active morning and long trek from Manhattan....right? We took notice of a foursquare check-in that offered a price-reduction of my drink, and 1/2 priced appetizer. We folded and requested a side of buttery-ripe guacamole.

Joe's Ginger

While not for the squeamish (Health Department- "Grade Pending," a colony of rats running over our feet as we huffed it from the Financial District, the bathroom situation I will not even get into....) Joe's Ginger had a line out the door. We managed to secure a few seats by agreeing to share a table with another couple.
Our server scuttled between the tables of mixed company- with a genuine sense of concern and urgency- slapping down pots of tea, soup spoons, chopsticks and checks. From the Hong Kong-style Shanghai menu, we ordered the notorious pork juicy buns, white rice and the minced minced jalapeno pepper sauteed with shredded pork, squid and dry bean curd. We sipped cheap wine and Tsing Tao beer.
The buns came in a generous portion of eight- full of juicy and savory broth. We poured the house ginger sauce over them, slurping the contents from the Wonton spoons (shamelessly). The pork dish was also quite delicious, though I could have been happy with the buns alone. As we waived down our server for a second round of drinks, I noticed his circa 1980's black Casio calculator watch. Swoon. I excitedly told him how fantastic it was and explained I had two similar models that I found on ebay. Something must have gotten lost in translation- because he firmly explained with a smile, "This is very old."

18 March 2011

Minamisanriku, Japan

Image of vehicle headlights streaming through Minamisanriku, Japan- While the darkness of the aftermath is extraordinary, the band of surviors captured in the light is stunning.

via AP Images- Japan

(Heart Melting)

Here is an update on these sweet hearts.

Hidden Messages

We Need a Revolution
Trust No One
Save the Coast
Love and Hate

Lest We Forget
Dan Tague folds dollar bills to create sentences. Coming from a background in literature and linguistics, I'D have to offer a thumbs up.

17 March 2011

Las Vegas, a photo series

A selection of photos from my recent holiday in Las Vegas, Neveda. View the full set on my Flickr page.

16 March 2011

Las Vegas Panos

Do you ever find yourself not ready to head home from a gorgeous vacation? I'm usually excited for the plane ride home to see my Pug... this past weekend in Las Vegas could have been a day or two longer. Above are a some of the Pano shots I took with my iPhone 4. We stayed at the Cosmopolitan (Can we discuss the shots from our suite's terrace!? The pools were stunning as well.) I'm looking forward to sifting through my Cannon Rebel images and uploading them to Flickr. Stay tuned!