23 June 2011

Shelter Island Home

While sipping champagne and nibbling on butlered hors d'ouevres at an industry event at the Tribeca Grand last night, the topic of childhood in the city versus the country or suburbs popped up. Although I grew up on an Island off a city, I am not partial to a slower life. I prefer the city, I have always known that I would live in a big East Coast city. My brother, of whom shared the same rearing, stuck to the ease of the Island.

I've met quite a few folks who have spent their entire lives in New York City, most of them have never driven a car, but other than that...they whistle the same tune. (Here's a good read on urban brain development).

My fiance has expressed a few times, that it would be wonderful to have a proper home, outside of the city. I like this idea, but wonder if I would get lonely for the city? The above photographed home belongs to NYC-based architect Cary Tamarkin. It's fascinating to take in the simplicity and contrast it to his native city environment. Read more at Remodelista.

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