19 June 2011

a dinner at Kirakuya

We took advantage of a deal on Travelzoo for Kirakuya Sake Bar. For $50, we enjoyed a three course meal with a bottle. The deal is pretty killer, considering it would set you back $150+ walking in without the pre-paid voucher.

Upon arrival, a welcoming chorus -from the entire staff- filled the dimly lit room. We were led to a cozy wooden table, backlit with amber lights. Our waitress wrapped our hands in cold towels, as we perused the sake list. Our decision was fairly simple- unfiltered with light hints of pear. From the three course prix fixe, we selected our two apps (salted cod, brushetta with berries and cream cheese), our three tapas (eggplant mozzarella dip with pepper and pork, tuna ceviche and thinly sliced rare beef with radicchio, tomato and balsamic reduction) and our two desserts (light cream with lotus, flourless chocolate cubes).

The food was quite good, and not too heavy- ideal for a warm summer night. The fusion was fascinating with Korean, Japanese and Italian notes. I'm not sure if I need to return, but I'm quite pleased with the experience.

Here's a video from another couple that took advantage of the deal.

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