23 June 2011

What should I read next?

The one thing I truly miss about Summers in college: the ability to choose whatever books I wanted to read-- and the time to do it. On my days off from working at the local restaurants, I would take the ferry to Seattle to shop, eat, drink and explore. It's hard to beat a good latte and quiche at Elliot Bay Books, but Arundel was more my style: a smallish used books shop on First Avenue. The owner would happily suggest books, based on the favorites you shared with him.

From this man, I discovered Michael Chabon's Mysteries of Pittsburgh. And after my last page, I graduated to Wonder Boys...and I've read every book of Chabon's since.

Here's a great placebo to the bookstore owner who makes great recommendations: What should I read next? The software offers suggestions, based on the titles you enter!

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