06 June 2011

a brunch at Essex

You can't really say anything negative about noon cocktails on Sunday- something Essex has to a tee. We settled in at the bar, a strategic move- having taken in the bustle of hipsters not yet migrated to Williamsburg.

The loft-like venue has two balconies overlooking the main floor with industrial white walls, black wire shelves and painted tennis balls for decor.The menu is best described as Jewish-Latin fusion with items such as Matzo Brei with jalapeno or pico de gallo. A charming offering of complimentary espresso, tea and soda are boasted until noon on Sundays, in countdown for the legal right to drink.

Along side our three complimentary bloody marys each (mimosas or screwdrivers are also offered), we had the gravilox benedict and Artistocrat (lox over a potato pancake with caviar, two poached eggs and dressed greens). The dishes ae about what you'd expect, the eggs were hard, rather than soft poached, but pretty good. I do have to say that the gravilox was quite good- several notches above what you might pick up at the local market.

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