09 May 2010

a dinner at Shaffer City

I'm slowly working my way through the Manhattan raw bar scene. I scratched Shaffer City off the list on Saturday night. The New York magazine gallery offers a more promising image of the venue-- than my initial steps in the door (view here). Regardless, the cab had placed us at the door and I was determined. Forgive the slightly grungy counter and lack of patrons- the bar keep from Wichita was quite friendly and a bottle of bubbly was in the queue.

For a small operation, the variety of oysters was quite broad and excellent. We selected the following:

Sunset Beach
(West Coast, medium-sized, slightly briny and musky).

(More from my homestate, Washington! Classic creaminess, musky undertones).

Hood Canal
(I used to jet ski on this water! Deep shelled with classic West Coast creamy+musky finish.

(British Columbia with a creamy and slightly exotic finish).

Well Fleet
(Noted as "America's favorite," the Massachusetts oyster was not my favorite. A bit more on the briny side).

(This Canadian oyster is noted as "easiest to eat." Quite true and a good way to finish the rotation as the bubbly went dry).

The familiarity of the bar keep, the freshness of the oysters and the freshly shaved horse radish and mesquite hints of the cocktail sauce sealed my affection. Lovely little spot in Chelsea.

image: from my iPhone.

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