26 May 2010

East Mountain by Johan Berglund

Johan Berglund of London's 42 Architects has designed a restaurant that could be embedded in the side of a hill in Östersund, Sweden. The proposal includes wind-driven lights, a walkway and resting areas with views out to the surrounding landscape.

A note from the architect:

A new proposal for Östberget, a small mountain in the centre of the city of Östersund in northern Sweden, was recently presented by 42 architects. The project is commissioned by Färgfabriken Art Space, an art institution and gallery in Stockholm. The ideas that form the proposal are based on a discussion between 42 architects and Färgfabriken, which was initiated as Johan Berglund, founder of 42 architects, met Joachim Granit, artistic director of Färgfabriken.

The project is mainly aimed at the inhabitants of Östersund, which separates this proposal from previous development plans for the mountain, which have been aimed at tourists and therefore lost support from the local population. Here, Östberget is allowed to symbolise a modern and progressive city, which still exists in close relations to the surrounding landscape. The mountain represents a young and dynamic Östersund, but also an inclusive and sensitive place in which all can enjoy the spectacular views and scenery. The hyper-modern in symbiosis with a strong local heritage and culture.

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