07 May 2010

a dinner at Char No. 4

(bar, via Char No. 4)

Well, I'm in love. I had a torrid affair with Char No. 4 on Cinco De Mayo (a worthly trade for margaritas). Located in Brooklyn's Cobble Hill, the bourbon-centric venue wraps you in a smokey warm scent of bacon as you enter. With over 300 bourbons to sample in one or two ounce pours- and a Southern inspired menu- it's not difficult to develop an affection. We sipped on Bulliet with a side of ice, while waiting for a table to open up.

(pork nuggets, via TONY)

To indulge, we decided to share small plates, rather than select entrees. We ordered a bottle of Zinfandel and discussed our interests. A few servers pushed the Cinco De Mayo menu (pork belly tacos, a Pacifico and shot of tequila). With a polite decline, we commenced with a half dozen oysters from Washington. They were quite excellent, aside from the chef's inability to properly shuck them-- I found myself choking on shells with each slurp. For our second course, we dressed our plates with the thick cut bacon charred and served over sauteed mushrooms. Absolutely divine, though the mushrooms distracted from the superior quality of the meat.

Per the suggestion of food critiques, we selected the cheese curds- breaded and deep fried with house made pimento sauce and pork nuggets with from scratch chili sauce. The cheese curds tasted about how you'd expect them- slightly average, but satisfying in contrast to the spicy zinfandel. The pork nuggets were are another story. Luscious pork belly and and fat deep fried- they were buttery, well-textured and a bit addicting.

(pastrami, via Gothamist)

The ingenue came next: lamb pastrami (voted best pastrami New York, 2009!). Sliced paper thin, ruffled over coriander aioli and dressed with coriander seeds and buttered toast- the dish taunted, teased and begged to be consumed.

Against our better judgment, we declined dessert and punctuated our meal with a few more bourbons on the rocks. Maker's Mark being the go-to.

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