08 February 2010

a brunch at Scottadito Osteria Toscana

The brunch scene is Park Slope hosts some of the best Prix Fixes in the city. This past weekend, I did a little research landing the crew at Scottadito Osteria Toscana. A heavy door at the top of an icy ramp was a bit: offsetting. Albeit charming, I did need to step up to let Marcel in, who felt inclined to call our third, Nick, to offer instructions.

The $14.95 organic menu includes a gorgeous bread course with red pepper sauce, an entree choice and unlimited champagne or Mimosas. We took our time with the menu while warming up in the Tuscan farmhouse-style dining room. Rugged wood furniture, exposed-brick walls, wrought iron and copper details and a cracking fireplace- set the aesthetic theme. For our entrees, Marcel selected the Frittata of the day with turkey sausage, Nick and myself the Uova Benedette: poached egg, english muffin, prosciutto and Hollandaise with pesto. Both dishes were served with potatos and mesculin greens with light vinaigrette. Proscuitto is a gorgeous touch to this otherwise traditional brunch dish. The pesto's presence was light and welcome.

While the service tapered off towards the closure of our meal, I'll credit our pink cheeks and roaring laughter as the Mimosa buzz set in.

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