30 June 2009

Soma by Nature

I tend to gravitate to dishes with a collection of distinct flavors and items. The Bibimbap bowl is the Korean compromise to this style of eating. Soma By Nature brings together a hearty bowl of healthy, satisfying flavors. We decided on the Men's Favorite Salad Bibimbap and the Pork Bulgogi Bibimbap. Recommended add-ons: Kim Chee, Edamame and Mandoo (dumpling), the five-olds within rolled in laughter over the name.

The Pork Bulgogi gathers Julienne cucumbers and carrots, a fried egg and avocado with six other types of chef's choice vegetables. Served over sticky rice, the flavors pair well with the spicy Bulgogi sauce and pork. The runny egg yolk and rice equalize the spice while allowing the dominant spices to show through.

I feel that I should share that I ordered the Men's Favorite (I'm comfortable in my gender role!) The delightful bowl is compromised of a bed of succulent white rice with cabbage, onion, cheese with sauce, carrot, oven roasted cauliflower, honey roasted walnuts and Korean pancake. I added a soft-fried egg to round the dish. In a word: divine. The contrasting textures and flavors kept me engaged until the last bite. The dish shifts between creamy wonderful and crunchy fresh veggies. I regret that I finished a few projects before tackling the bowl- leaving it to cool down- but the taste and consistency remained buzz worthy.

Image: Los Angeles Times

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