24 June 2009

Navajo Blankets

It may have been my grandfather's love for Western novels, or the fact the he had us watch films like Lonesome Dove as small children, but I've always loved the American Southwest. I've imagined having a home in Santa Fe, wearing turquoise jewelry and collecting cacti in earthy Terra Cotta pots. I'd also love a Navajo blanket. These beauties are images of originals from Louie Ewing.

Period: 1850 to 1875.

Design of the classic period, with fine handspun white and indigo blue,raveled material for light green, and both raveled bayeta and Saxony yarn for reds.

Period: About 1875

"Chief" type of medium handspun wool for white, native dyed black, indigo blue, and aniline red.

Period: About 1880

Unusual design with zones of vari-colored zigzags, produced by the "wedge-weave" technique,in which the colored weft threads follow the direction of the zigzags. Course soft handspun wool throughout. In the zigzags are native brown-black, aniline reds and orange.

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