03 June 2009

Cipriani Ballroom: cocktails, dinner and awards.

I must walk by Cipriani on 55 Wall Street a dozen times a day. The doormen smile and wave, even offer to get me a car. They pet my Pug. I've been curious to step inside where Real Housewives of New York City filmed their reunion, Diplomats and Models step in for events...

When I was offered an invitation to attend the VAR500 Awards Dinner to represent my company at the Ballroom, I graciously accepted.

The event began with a cocktail hour. I sipped on the Cipriani Signature Bellini and nibbled on a few hors d'oeurves. Hard Italian cheese crumbles, crispy zucchini and prosciutto floated about on trays and attentive servers. The signature drink was delightful for the first few sips, then I began to question why I was sipping on a traditional brunch cocktail. I switched to a Ketel martini w/ olives (not bad, but I didn't ask for it dirty, sir).

After engaging with a few amusing gentlemen, one who insisted on stepping away for a moment to ask his colleague the name of Eisenhauer's secretary...I took a seat for dinner.

We drank red and white wine, mineral water and the tail end of our cocktails while homemade breads were placed before us. The courses as follows:

Appetizer: Spinach and Cheese Cannelloni with Fresh Tomato & Zucchini
A bit large, and excessively rich for a appetizer. The tomato and zucchini were the best part.

Main Course: Individual Roast Filet of Beef with Barolo Sauce
A thick four inch tower of beef cooked medium-well. If I hadn't been reading Jacqueline Susann books, (and ergo jonesing for steak) I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the dish. The sides were certainly a disappointment. Potatoes suited for IHOP, oily veggies.

Dessert: Individual Chocolate Souffle with Hazelnut Cream, as well a family-style platter of Miniature Eclairs, Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Assorted Cookies.
The souffle was more on par with a belgian warm-liquid center cake. The hazelnut cream suited the chocolate well. A lovely little puff with raspberries. The other cookies and dipped strawberries didn't peak much interest. They looked and tasted like a grocery store caterer.

Images: Downtown Express, New York Social Diary

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