09 June 2009

Everybody (doesn't) love Duke's BBQ

I cannot begin to imagine the effort it takes to decorate a Duke's BBQ. You must first draw inspiration from West Coast chains Logan's Roadhouse, Billy McHales and Red Robin. Then take some speed. Hit up a Best Buy and purchase all of the TV's they have. Get someone to program them to all sports channels.

Crank the mainstream rock and start nailing every license plate, poor-taste humor sticker, bottle cap and neon sign that you've stripped from all of the Spencer Gift locations in the Tri-State area.

Without a doubt, I knew what I was getting myself into when I walked in. I decided not to protest, as it would stir up a sort of collegiate enthusiasm.

An appropriately curvy, baby-faced server promptly greeted us. I noticed that she had a decent number of tables and did an excellent job of dividing her time between them. I perused the menu noting that the cocktails come in 16oz "of fun" portions. To eat, we decided to share a handful of things: Duke' Carolina Pulled Pork Sliders, Billy Bobs Famous Chicken Wings, Sweet Potato Mashers and Collard Greens.

The food is basically what people who do not understand Southern food, would think it was. It's ideal for the TGI Friday's crowd. The Sweet Potato Mashers had a little too much cinnamon (although I applaud them for trying), the buns were essentially Wonder Bread. We requested the wings 'Cajun Style,' and yet they remained absolutely standard fare. The veggies looked a little old, but the chunks in the blue cheese dipping sauce allowed me to forgive them. I didn't get to the dessert, but as to be expected, it looked offensively large. It's clear that the decor serves to distract you from the food you're consuming.

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CommuterBitch said...

This is horrifying! I would never want to go there!