08 March 2008

reservoir : Times Square Monday Morning

Someone from back home recently asked me why I would want to be here: because even in the morning- the streets are blurred with people, and here it's mostly individuals on their way to the office, rather than swarming, side walk clogging tourists. At any time of day- I can get whatever it is that I want. I can pick it up, or have it brought to me. Because champagne and vodka is placed by the bottle on tables with mixers patiently waiting around it, glasses and lights painting the table- People are absurd, yes- but where else can you walk five minutes and be in a completely different backdrop- with another distinct language expressing its dominance? After leaving a museum on the upper west-side to see Wangari Maathai speak- you take note of a woman's coat and then notice that she is Glenn Close? You step into one of your neighborhood Thai restaurants and nearly bump into Jennifer Connelly, for the second time. During your lunch hour, you take a seat in Bryant Park and glance over that a crowd that has gathered to watch Sarah Jessica Parker be filmed for the Sex and the City movie... Every one of the dozens of local magazines are self-loving, the buildings are sexily gritty...and the sample sales. Amazing, delicious fabric- gloves, dresses- leathers. You do need all three and really should come back tomorrow to negotiate a lower price on the other one- when it's one day closer to the sale ending...

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