01 March 2008

a nod to Seattle

Seattle & Bainbridge Island: Vadim joined the Eremic Family Circus for over stuffed stockings- Amazing sushi at Shima on the Island- all of the fish is gingerly prepared and gloriously fresh. I'd start with the Kinoko Miso soup which has truffles! The rice- we're still investigating where we can get our hands on some for our pantry. A few days later we partook in Nijo of downtown Seattle. I had been anxious to get Vadim into Nijo as it is a favorite to Becky and myself for happy-hour tours. The cocktail list is well crafted- they boast the best Bloody Mary in town and I would have to concur. Nijo introduces Wasabi to the recipe- a deeply satisfying marriage. Beyond the beauty of the Pacific Northwest that I have missed - I admit that I have looked around the tall buildings of downtown Manhattan- expecting to see the mountains I have grown up around and found myself incredibly disappointed- The urbane shifts to grit- another appreciation I hold close- although it is a lovely thing to indulge in Seattle proper and exchange the street vendors for well-crafted espresso and fleece- mountains for a few of those architectural achievements.

Perhaps one of the highlights of the Seattle trip is the snow on Christmas day:I cannot recall previous snows in Winter holidays. I'm sure they are laying in the past, but this particular day developed a significance as the landscape cooled to layers of powder over the varying grays. What was it that cajoled this PNW nostalgia? A few encouraging conversations with my father and mother after work this evening. There are certainly aspects of Seattle and the Island that I miss- the geological beauty, the simplicity of intrepid drizzling- the art walk in Pioneer Square- a night meant to end with a Gyro and nap on the boat home-buzzy warm from cheap wine libations- and how did we end up at the private party above the New Orleans?

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