10 March 2008

the chicago files

As to be expected the quintessential Midwestern Winter didn't allow for the best 'quality' photos. I decided to work with what the raw images I captured: sharpening details, pumping the contrast- and layering. Through these alterations, my intention was to demonstrate the savagely persistent chill that we dipped our selves into. The streets of Rosco Village and downtown Chicago were very much Midwestern with their yellow and sky hues. As Chicago is considered a Mecca to North Dakotans, I couldn't pass up the temptation to dig into my past and consider the perception of the buildings in these terms. A slicing of the land with industry and detailed structure. One also cannot push away the images of Upton Sinclairs, The Jungle.

Photographed, in order:
holly bonds, keisha eremic &
lindsay hamsik

But there were no obvious Lithuanian neighborhoods or socialists...or perhaps we weren't looking in the right corners. The closest thing to remnants of what could have been were yards of industrial waste, metal pieces settled over time in endless expanses along side the highway to the airport home.

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