08 March 2008

nylove: block parties

After speaking with a woman about her house building project in East Africa at a farmer's market, Vadim and I walked down a street and into a block party. NYLOVE- where else do people make their own signs, closing off streets, opening up fire hydrants to BBQ and let the kiddies run free?

This young girl instantly connected with me. We took turns spraying each other: dashing through the frantic drops of city water. She kept belting out, "Dolphins! They look they dolphins!" I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical about getting wet at first, but her father- (who was spraying his other two young children with a hose, while laughing gleefully), called me a "chicken," I had to maintain my street credit, you know?

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KK said...

what? no winter in nyc?