31 March 2013

Amazing Hummus

Sahadi's in Brooklyn is my go-to for great hummus. I found myself jonesing for some yesterday, but didn't have the time to schlep the outer borough, so I decided to try making my own.  I found this great recipe from Inspired Taste and it delivered!

You will need:

  • One 15-ounce can (425 grams) chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans
  • 1/4 cup (59 ml) fresh lemon juice, about 1 large lemon
  • 1/4 cup (59 ml) tahini (I like Jovya)
  • Half of a large garlic clove, minced (I threw a few extra in!)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil, plus more for serving
  • 1/2 to 1 teaspoon kosher salt, depending on taste
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons water
  • Dash of ground paprika for serving

  • Read the steps at Inspired Taste!

    Julep Instant Warming Foot Scrub

    I was a wee bit skeptical to become a Julep Maven...I mean, where would I keep all of this nail polish I would be accumulating? I decided to give it a try, as I end up investing in my own bottles when a trend that appeals to me makes it's mark through the seasons. I received my first box from the Seattle-based company yesterday (two days after signing-up!). Along with two pretty colors tailored to my "Boho Chic,"  profile, my box included... drum roll...the most amazing foot scrub I have ever used! Despite the Instant Warming label, it was a bit of a surprise. I found myself hooked after 10 seconds! Click here to become a Maven! Perks include discounts on the Julep product line and free (and fast!) shipping.

    28 March 2013

    Times Square Circa 1970

    When I told my father that I was moving to New York City after college, he seemed a bit concerned. He mentioned the deterioration in the streets of Times Square when he was last there in the 70's.  Gothamist is featuring a set of photos during this decade which justify my father's thoughts. Check out the full set here.

    Speed Dating

    A newbie from the endlessly charming and chuckle-worthy Gemma Correll. More at her blog.

    27 March 2013


    Mane & Tale for you Hooves

    I rotate through a number of hair care products throughout the seasons. I'm currently working my morning showers with Mane n' Tail Shampoo and Conditioner (which my husband finds tremendously amusing, because I can "use it for my (non-existent) horse in the apartment too." I stumbled over Hoofmaker for hands and nails. I might purchase a tube with my next Drugstore dot com haul!

    Les Néréides Kilauea Earrings

    Can we get a little of that Springtime weather in Manhattan? They'd pair well with these earrings and a glass of rose on the terrace. Details at BHLDN.

    25 March 2013

    Egg Trays

    Do you color eggs for Easter? I haven't for a few years, but I'm very tempted to this year! I might also jet up to Fishs Eddy this Saturday to pick-up up a few of these colorful egg trays that I have been oggling and dying some eggs while my husband is assembling furniture in our new apartment (I'm exiled from witnessing this process!). We need to do something with the yellow, blue and red dyes (the green gets annual love in St. Patty's beers).

    21 March 2013

    Benefit Watt's Up

    Benefit continues to steal my affection with Watt's Up highlighter for cheeks. I was introduced to the product a few weeks ago (birthday bonus from Sephora) and haven't been able to start my day without it since! The shimmery stick makes cheek bones sing!

    Image: London Beauty Queen dot com.

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    20 March 2013

    Brad's Raw Leafy Kale

    I love making my own kale chips (especially when the green markets are open!). A colleague sampled me her Brad's Raw Leafy Kale Chips the other day and I'm hooked! Jazzed up with vegan cheese and flavors like "Nasty Hot, "Nacho" and "Vampire Killer," these flavorful and healthy chips very satisfying.

    Rotary Phone

    While deciding on a new desk, my husband poked fun at the advertisement using an old school rotary phone as prop. I believe there is still a functioning (and used) yellow one in my Grandfather's house. Without surprise, Etsy has a bevy to choose from. I like this bubble gum pink model (which the seller has noted that is working!). I'm a little tempted to purchase and place it on the new desk:)

    19 March 2013

    gabriele galimberti: Toy Stories

    Italian-based photographer Gabriele Galmberti created a series of photos of children around the globe with their favorite toys. I found myself smiling at each click of my mouse. What were your favorite toys growing up? I had an Ostrich stuffed animal I carried around in my toddler years and grew into Moon Shoes. Check out the full set at his webpage.

    18 March 2013

    Madewell Picks

    Madewell is having a great sale! I treated myself to the Lacebloom blouse and aqua skinny ankle jeans to perk up my Spring wardrobe (I still need to find a few cute dresses!). Check it out here.

    T-Rex Book Ends

    Keep it real with your bookshelf by organizing with these funny T-Rex book ends. Purchase at Knob Creek Metal Arts.

    14 March 2013

    Rainbow Spaghetti

    Wouldn't  rainbow spaghetti be fun dish for a kiddo's birthday party? Check out the detailed instructions at Quick Dish.

    Beaver Pencil Sharpener

    Alessi is one of my favorite home entertaining and decor designers. We were fortunate to collect some great pieces for wedding gifts. While perusing the Italian product line this afternoon, I discovered this cute little beaver pencil sharpener that I would love on my desk! View the gorgeous collection here.

    13 March 2013

    Bluff City Pendant Light

    I'm thrilled to share that we've snagged sweet 725 sq ft 1 bedroom with a swag 500 sq ft terrace in our current building! The project of determining which furniture we will be purging and the replacements has been an exciting and consuming process. I discovered Bluff City Pendant Lights at New York Markt while brainstorming design ideas. I love the nautical-modern features. Check out the details here.

    12 March 2013

    Carhenge through Tom Boettcher's Lense

    There is something deeply American and salty about Carhenge. Located in the heartland of Nebraska, photographer Tom Boettcher captured the raw beauty with a Pentax Spotmatic that his father purchased for him in 1972! Read more about the project at Asayama dot com.

    11 March 2013

    Neon Pink Cap Otavi

    Crafted by Namibia-based designer Hyena, these cute chaussures are just the right amount of playful with their neon pink toes. Check out the details at Brother Vellies.

    Antik Batik Lana Tee

    Isn't this tee from Anik Batik sweet and Spring-y? Pair it with white shorts, wedges and a mojito! Purchase at Revolve Clothing.

    06 March 2013

    Pentax K-01

    I've been itching to upgrade from my Canon Rebel SLR for a couple years. The hold-up? I haven't been able to pin point the right transition product for my use (have you checked out my Flickr page?). I think I have found my match: Pentax K-01 in white. This sexy snapper is currently featured on Fab for a reduced price of $499 (down from $778). T-e-m-p-t-i-n-g.

    05 March 2013

    Prism Glitter Necklace

    A little glitter is great in life. Isn't this  globe full of confetti fun? At $32, it's a great little treat  for yourself or a sweet gesture to one of your lady friends!Crafted from hand blown glass, you can purchase at thestudio8.

    04 March 2013

    Isn't this hedge hog tooth pick holder from the MoMa Store adorable? It reminds me of the little guy, Stanely, my brother had when we were kids. Perhaps I should get him one of these for his birthday?

    essie madison ave-hue

    While on a pantyhose run at the Duane Reade downstairs, I found myself with an armful of Pop Chips, Pretzels (never go shopping when you're starving!) and essie's madison ave-hue caught my eye from the well-lit display. From the Spring 2013 collection, this perfect pink is my new favorite. I think I'll head to the salon tonight!

    Room 237, a documentary

    I'm a big fan of scary movies: pop corn, cold night, warm blanket and your honey. Throw in a bottle of wine too. Doesn't this documentary about Stanely Kubrick's The Shining look fantastic for a date-night in?

    01 March 2013

    Bagnodoccia D'Oliva

    I discovered Skin & Co Bagnodoccia D'Oliva  in my February Birchbox. The scent is spicy and sexy enough that the man you share a shower with can use it with confidence as well.