31 July 2012

Daydreaming of Amangiri

The American Southwest has always struck my fancy. It may have been fueled by my Grandfather's passion for Western Novels and summer-long trips across the landscape. Situated in Utah at the cusp of Arizona, Amangiri is a luxury resort designed to blend with the stunning surrounding landscapes. Read more here.

BFF Pizza Necklace

For your gaggle of giggly girlfriends- a whole pizza of friendship necklaces. I know my ladies would get down with this. Maybe we can distribute at the next bachelorette party or group vacation? Find it here.

Dinosaur Planter

Between my plants and the plants of the botany enthusiast in the cubical across from me- my corner of the office is very nearly a forest. Wouldn't this dinosaur planter make a hilarious addition to the set-up? Check it out and other variations at Boy-Girl Tees.

Funny Doormat

Stir the threat of burglar away with this funny doormat! Check out more designs at The American Design Club.

Canvas Doggy Bag

I'm digging this Canvas Doggy Bag. Wouldn't it make a great overnight bag?  View more clever desgins from Upstate New York shop Plucky Kid here.

30 July 2012


I'm a big consumer of nuts. A colleague of mine suggested I try Yumnuts Toasted Coconut Cashews...they are delightful. You should try them too.

Show & Shine Bracelets

Um...how fun are these bracelets from Show & Shine? At $6.99 a pop, you can build a little collection of your own.

Polar Bear Post Earrings

I can't think of a better sledding/winter time accessory than these polar bear post earrings from HandyMaiden. Perhaps it the summer heat + humidity that getting me in the mood for a little ice skating in Central Park.

Canopy Lounge

Put your legs up on it, or gift it to your kitty as a lounge- this yellow canopy lounge from New Orleans' based CANOPYstudio certainly is handsome and versitile.

27 July 2012

Drifter Mug

As if anyone needs another mug... the Drifter Mug makes me smile. Check out the collection at OhLeanderShop.

Skulls + Flowers Blouse

Isn't this edgy turquoise blouse perfect for slicking back a few margaritas with your girlfriends? Throw in a Miami  beach town as a setting and you've got a perfect weekend evening.

Available at Mickey's Girl.

Atomic Salt + Pepper Shakers

Can we discuss how fabulous these salt and pepper shakers are? I live the mint-chip and baby pink detail coupled with the edgy gold marble base! Purchase them at Leif Shop.

26 July 2012

Airline Meals

Airplane meals are something that have always fascinated me. Are these indicators of culture, cliche? I've definitely been served roast chicken, brie, baguette and champagne on a flight from Paris to New York. I once ordered a Bloody Mary on a flight from Kiev to Brussels...I had to explain it and ultimately ended up with a large cup of vodka adjacent a small cup of tomato juice.

What's more amazing, it how completely terrible these meals always come- and yet we accept them with enthusiasm. I found a website, airline meals do net, which has a comprehensive collection. Check out a few finds:

Japan Airlines 

Middle East Airlines
Estonian Air
Kenya Airlines
American Airlines

Pretty Gold Ring

How pretty is this 18k gold hammered ring? It's categorized as a wedding ring. What do you think? Would you wear something this wide? View more lovely pieces from artemer on etsy.

Uten.Silo II

When you live in Manhattan, you need to be well-organized with your space. I can't help but smile (and wish it wasn't $385!) at this fun wall organizer. Also available in red and black, you can find the Uten.Silo II at Design Within Reach.

(via Outblush)

25 July 2012

Cabochon Bracelet

Oh my goodness, I am completely in love with this bracelet from J.Crew. I'd wear it with a pretty dress or white jeans and carry my spearmint Tillary bag. Wishlisted!

Cork Organizers

A well organized desk is important to me. I might appear a little OCD to my colleagues, but at least I'm not swimming in printouts! Aren't these cork organizers a cute way to organize your office or kitchen tools? Check out more designs at Print Party.

Premium Calypso Sequin Shell Top

Wouldn't you feel edgy-cool wearing this sequin shell top on date night? Find it at Top Shop!

(via Outblush)

24 July 2012

Vintage Monet Gold Necklace

A very stunning and unusual vintage Monet necklace from the Jack and Hazel Store may just be what's missing in your life. The good news is, it's only $35.

Sailor Stripe Scarf

I'm a believer in scarfs...cozy, versatile and perfect for diversifying your wardrobe when traveling, so you do not need to pack as much. This navy stripe and yellow infinity scarf from The Tea Rex is fantastic for summer and travels to France.

Minesweeper Post Cards

Do you remember Minesweeper? I was hooked as a kiddo. Now you can stir up that nostalgia by sending one of your pals a Minesweeper postcard. (You scratch the mines out!)

About Today

The National continues to speak to me. I just can't get enough of the voice. About Today has a little bit of country and steady rhythm, it's getting me through my morning tasks!

23 July 2012

Sweet Coin Purses

Do you use a coin purse? My grandmother had a leather one that she opened with purpose and focus. I adore this cute coin purses/key rings. Wouldn't they be a sweet gift for a young girl to keep her allowance in, or a playful girlfriend? View more from Misala.

Smart Pebbles

Smart Pebbles provide slip-resistant support to prop up your iPhone and iPad (because you cannot get by using one devise alone;)

(Design Boom)

19 July 2012

Charles Philip Shanghai Smoking Slippers

I'm not a smoker, but I could still get down with this Shanghai Smoking Slippers from Charles Philip. Purchase and peruse other designs at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Pantone Universe iPhone Case

For those Pantone Universe fans/iPhone 4/4S users out there...vibrant cases for your delight. Find them at High Snobiety.

Nixon Sofa

I'm not sure how comfy it would be, but this blue couch by Nixon is quite handsome, no? Find it at Thrive.

Last Night's Storm

If you were in Lower Manhattan last night, this is what the intense storm looked like from a distance! (New York Post)

18 July 2012

Baby Shower Favors

How lovely! Simple and useful baby shower favors! Found at Pinterest.

Glitter and Pearls

I only have a few bracelets and would like to build on my collection. These skull macrame bracelets from Glitter and Pearl are pretty tempting...

16 July 2012

Magic Wand Salt and Pepper Shakers

For your inner magician, these magic wand salt and pepper shakers are a fun way to spice up your dinner.

Talenti Sea Salt Caramel

It's hot and humid in Manhattan! I picked up a pint of Talenti Sea Salt Caramel gelato over the weekend and had to toss it in the freezer before I devoured the entire thing. It's delicious balance of salty-sweet and incredibly smooth.

Korres Tinted Lip Butter

I love orangey-red lipsticks on women, but I admit I haven't warmed up to wearing one myself.  I recently purchased Korres Mango tinted-lip balm and I'm digging it! The orangey-red tint it a fun way to subtly experiment and the moisturizer is fabulous.

Marion Cotillard

From the first time I saw A Good Year, I developed a crush on Marion Cotillard. She's charming, full of depth and gorgeous! I'm excited to see her perform in Dark Night Rises, which is premoting in this month's Vogue. Stunning photo, no?

13 July 2012

Canvas Buckets

I enjoy well-organized things and beautifully packaged gifts. These canvas buckets from Chewing the Cud can do both. Fill them with rolls on the dinner table, a few toys for a child's birthday or homemade jam for your neighbor that loaned you a cup of sugar.

Found at Oh Joy!

Cloud Nine High Shine Rose Gold Bracelets

I'm a huge fan of rose gold. It's so pretty and flattering on a large palette of skin tones. These chain link bracelets from love chichi would be a great addition to any jewelry collection.

Gold Farm Animal Magnets

Sometimes your reminder needs a derriere to hold it in place. These clever farm animal magnets are great gift idea for your hilarous girlfriend that enjoys gardening and gets her eggs from her own chickens. Purchase them at the Original Animal Magnet shop.

Lucerne Goblets

I'm fairly certain that your sangria will taste better when sipped from these Lucerne Goblets! Set of six, on sale for $79 here.

White Barrell Ice Bucket

If I didn't already have a beautiful crytal ice bucket, I wouldn't be able to resist adding this stunner from One Kings Lane to my home. Absolutely chic.

12 July 2012

Spotted Pig Pillow

I love this sweet spotted pig pillow from Terrain. The neutral tone and simple design lends it to be quite versatile!

Stinson Beach House

How lovely is this perfect beach home? I'm envisioning summer entertaining with kebabs on the grill and good friends. Maybe a few rounds of Jenga and Scrabble. Called Stinson Beach Home, you can read more at ScavulloDesign.

Pantone Universe Eye Shadow Palette

A few weeks ago, I walked into Sephora for a new blush brush....I walked out with the brush, a few butter nail polishes and this ridiculously fabulous palette from Pantone. I'm still in the stage where I want to simply admire it while I work through my Stila Haute in the Hamptons compact. Isn't it a work of art?

11 July 2012

Copper Pitcher

My Mum has quite a few copper pieces in her home. I love the vintage feel and modest design that many come with. This copper pitcher from Daily General would make a great addition to any collection.