29 June 2012

Ombre Chevron Necklace

Add a little va va voom to your ensemble with this Ombre Chevron necklace from michelle starbuck designs. So fun!

Springsteen Legs

Show your enthusiasm for America's freedom from the British with these Springsteen Leggings!  For your listening pleasure:

Poppy King Lipstick

There is a very doting dog mom that I often see at the park. I have a bit of a lady crush on her- she always arrives impeccably dressed (I ususally change into sweats or the like before heading to the park with my little one) with thick rimmed glasses and bright poppy colored lipstick. I'm so tempted to treat myself to some. Could I pull it off? I love this shade from J.Crew.

Game Pieces Cufflinks

I've been meaning to rally friends to come over for a game night. These cufflinks from the Cufflinks (didn't get too creative when naming!) shop on etsy would be appropriate attire!

Loquita Axe Tote

Do you need a tote that reminds people that you're a tough cookie? I'm digging this Axe-printed tote by Loquita.  Pssst...on sale at Bloomingdales.

Faz Jewelry

Ok, I cannot help but laugh. These are so funny! Perfect white elephant or gag gift, no? Faz Jewelry via etsy.

28 June 2012

Teak Croquet Set

We play a lot of croquet in my family. My grandmother usually wins, simply because she is so terrible that everyone else has poisoned each other, leaving her the last man standing. This set desgined by Hans Thygy and Akiko Kuwahata combines modern design with classic. Beautiful.

Infinity Aquarium

I don't have any Goldfish, but if I did, I'd give them the good life with this Infinity Aquarium.  Find it at Generate.

Shimmer Necklace

How pretty! I love mixing metals, lending my appreciation for this necklace from Early Bird Creations. Wishlisted.

Brooks Flat

How do you commute? I'm a few blocks away, so I usually wear pumps, but occassionally appreciate comfy Uggs in the winter, thongs in the summer or wellies when it rains. These spicy red flats from Sperry are another great way to preserve your paws and enlongate the life of you pumps!

27 June 2012

Real Swiss Cheese (Adorable Video!)

I can't help but smile when I watch this adorable Swiss cheese monger at work.

via National Geographic.

Dog Philosophy

My Pug, Pilgrim, has a completely amazing approach to life. He takes on his day-to-day with enthusiasm and spreads love to those he encounters.  DogWorkDotCom offered a post on Dog Philosophy which pretty much sums up my little guy:

1. See life with joy and wonder.

2. Experience the beauty of nature and smell as much as you can.
3. Open your heart to the ones you love.
4. Sometimes you are allowed to break a few rules, go for it.
5. Be loyal, you will keep friends for life.
6. Cravings are good, enjoy them while you can.
7. Make sure you do something fun everyday.
8. Enjoy good foods, savor them like if it was your last meal.
9. Be yourself and you will always have true friends
10. Be persistent and bark until you get what you want.
11. If someone is having a bad day, snuggle the worries away.
12. Enjoy the love of your pack.
13. Delight in the simple joys of a long walk on the beach.
14. Allow people to love you.
15. Less barking, more tail wagging.
16. Celebrate if you feel like it.
17. Get inspired by the simplest things in life.
18. Everything is possible, all you need is love

Coral Peached Dipped Earrings

How pretty! These coral peach dipped earrings from Boutique Minimaliste are a steal at $12.  So sweet and versitile! Wishlisted!

Twinkle & Gleam Pullover

Add a little sparkle to your day with this Twinkle & Gleam Pullover from Anthropolgie. I'd pair the blouse with a navy blazer and peach colored skinny jeans.

26 June 2012

Somewhere nice

Doesn't this look lovely? One of my favorite summer time activities as a kid was go swimming with goggles so I could see this amazing blue atmosphere with warped legs and bubbles. (Image

Patriotic Fedora

Do you have your Independence ensemble sorted out? I'm digging this red and blue trimmed fedora. By Eugenia Kim, found at Net-a-Porter.

Pretzel Float

This pretzel float may just be the best $18 you ever spend. Find it at Urban Outfitters.

Flavia Carvalho Pinto

Do you still write checks? I do on occassion. I'm digging these vibrant covers from Flavia Carvalho Pinto. My gran is a big check writer, gift idea?

25 June 2012

Pineapple Easy Slicer

A few weeks ago, I took it upon myself to buy a whole pineapple and slice it up. It didn't exactly go smoothly and I had lots of pin fragments in there. I could have used this nifty gadget from Williams Sonoma. I'm not sure it's worth taking up real estate in my tiny kitchen, but I am tempted...

Moby Shams

Make story time in bed better with this comfy Moby Shams. From design Thomas Paul, you can order them at 2Modern.

Anchor Buckle Belt

Summer fashion means all things (or as many things that I can wear) nautical to me.  This anchor buckle belt is the ideal way to finish off your stripes and Sperrys.

a dinner at Peking Duck House

The stormy weather last Friday left me craving spicy Hot Pot. My husband and I decided to uncork a few bottles of rose and walk up to Chinatown in the rain. We found ourselves disappointed as Grand Sichuan was mysteriously closed. We decided to seek out another BYOB in the area, leading us to Peking Duck House.

A bit out of place for Mott St, the crowd was mostly non-Chinese. The dining room features floor-to-ceiling windows masked with red curtains, slate-colored fabric walls and stark-white table clothes.

We decided on the five-course Special House Dinner for Two ($38.75pp).  To begin, I chose the Wonton Soup, my husband the Shrimp Sizzling Rice Soup. Warm and comforting, the Wontons were fresh and delicious.

Our appetizer course included a spring roll, steak skewer and chicken pine nut lettuce wrap. Quite generous, I tasted a bite of each and asked for the rest to be wrapped-up to ensure I wouldn't get too full to enjoy the other plates. I'd enjoy the lettuce wrap alone for dinner. The diced chicken was well-spiced and complimented the crispy lettuce well.

The duck shared plate arrived with pancakes, cucumbers, hoisin and scallions for wrapping. The venue boasts that their duck is the best in town and I offer much praise. It's no surprise that this is the milk and honey of the restaurant. Tender meat and crispy skin- the bird is quite superior to other dishes I've tasted in the neighborhood.

For our main, the waiter suggested without blinking that the lobster with ginger and scallion sauce was the right choice. The massive crustacean intimidated me a bit, but we dove in. The ginger was slightly aggressive for the light flavor of the meat, but I enjoyed it after the mellow duck. Small bowls of pork and shrimp fried rice accompanied the dish, which enhanced the experience as a palate cleanser.

For dessert, we were offered a lovely plate of ripened fruit. It should come as no surprise that we were delighted to bring home two large take-aways of leftovers. The tasting menu is generous in portions and of notable value.

Kaleidoscope Print Trousers

I don't think I've worned printed pants since I was a child- but I'd make an exception for these. The kaleidoscope print was inspired by a mix of mosaic tiles and '60's pop art. Check it out here.

22 June 2012


Adorable! (until someone gets mauled :)

Aqua Punch Bowl Set

I've always loved the idea of punch bowl sets! Isn't this pretty aqua set from Daily General calling to be spiked?

Italian Hammered Tumblers

We have a bit of a glass situation in our home: it's either the nice crystal or plastic cups. I'd like to remedy this, but I am very particular. These Italian hammered tumblers are tempting, as they will not shatter. I wonder if they can go in the dishwasher? Set of six- $48 on Daily General's etsy page.

Steamboat Whale

If we lived on the ocean, I wouldn't be able to resist decorating with this steamboat whale print from Sugar Beet Press. Clever!

21 June 2012

From Nambe: Spicy Mussels with Andouille Sausage

I've been doing mussels on Monday for myself and my husband (freshdirect has some great fresh and local-ish shellfish!). My favorite endeavor thus far was my chipotle beer broth. I'm going to try this recipe courtesy of the Nambe blog this coming Monday!

½ pound Andouille Sausage,casings removed
½ cup diced shallots
1 tablespoon minced garlic
½ teaspoon red chili flakes
1½ cups dry white wine
1 cup clam juice
1 32-ounce can crushed San Marzano tomatoes
5-6 sprigs fresh thyme
½ cup chopped Italian parsley,plus more for garnish
5-6 lemon slices
4 pounds fresh mussels,scrubbed and debearded
vegetable oil
kosher salt
black pepper

(Though I'll substitute the vegetable oil for avocado oil. Yum!)

Psst...if you live or are in the New Mexico area, you should check out their warehouse sale, which started today and goes through the weekend. Details here.

Clever Independence Day Entertaining

We're planning to set-up a little pow-wow on 3 July, as Independence Day falls on a Wednesday this year. I'd love to get into some of these fabulous ideas from Babble. Can  I juggle it with work? So much fun!

Blue Suede Bag

The Telegram Suede mini-satchel is a vibrant stunner from J.Crew!  I  can't get enough of their new collection. Super fun, versatile and timeless.

Pale Geo Rings

I could invest in costume jewelry endlessly. These pretty and pale geo rings from a merry mishap would look fabulous with a glass of rose in your hand.

Maria Corte Illustrations

Barcelona-born Maria Corte's illustrations engage me a slightly uncomfortable way. The themes are on the cusp of human and magical realism. View more of her portfolio here.

Hotel Missoni-Kuwait

If you jumped on the Missoni for Target bandwagon (Thanks to my generous mother, I have a handful of platters, candles, a cosmetic bag, infinity scarf, sexy robe, flats and pumps), you might draw a little inspiration from Hotel Missoni in Kuwait. I love the soothing blend of whites/baby blues coupled with vibrant pops of color and signature Missoni designs.

via Honestly WTF

20 June 2012

Kasimir Cheese Grater

A cheese grater is one gadget I have not yet equipped my kitchen with. Do I need a Kasimir Cheese Grater? Probably. Wishlisted on Amazon!

Jet Set Buckle Ring

Everything looks a little more sweet with a buckle. The Michael Kors Jet Set Buckle Ring would be a  fanstastic gift for a girlfriend, or a nice way to treat yourself.

Alyson Fox Dishes

Do you need some pretty new dishes? I'm a huge fan of this design by Alyson Fox! Check out more of her collections here.