13 June 2012

Dog Vacay

We love to travel. But I must admit, I always stress: what type of arrangements should we make for little Pilgrim? He's a sensitive guy. He is spoiled. He's my little king. (Husband is rolling his eyes as he reads this).

I have scads of pals that offer, and I much as I love them, I wouldn't want to put a strain on a friendship, and I am very particular. Most people don't share my philosophy in how dogs should be cared for.

We have a few trips booked for the remainder of the year, one longer (London and Paris!) I have been considering options (who will send me several photo updates a day, or proof of lifes as I refer to them;) who will understand that he needs extra hugs?) I came across Dog Vacay. The service connects dog owners and care takers. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with a total stranger taking my dog, but there are folks just a few blocks from our apartment. I recognize some of them from the dog park! I signed up and I'm exploring!

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