31 October 2010

Cork Board Ring

The cork board ring, from Ayse Kozaci.

Sky Quilts

My mum is quite the talented quilter, the evidence is all over my apartment. These designs might be a little too modest for her taste, but I think they are gorgeous in that simplicity. From Kimem, they fabrics are hand dyed (from her own custom dye recipes!) and available for custom orders.

happy halloween

Vintage. Halloween with the Kennedy's in the Oval Office.

28 October 2010

Paris & New York

What delicious set of prints by graphic designer Vahram Muratyan! He calls it a "friendly visual match between those two cities."


My best friend since fourth grade is going to be seven months prego when I go home for Christmas. I can't wait to feel her bump! In the mean time, I've been perusing gifts. She's probably already queued up for scads of little ensembles, but aren't these numbers from Mabo so sweet?

27 October 2010

Can't find your phone?

I've been there. Slipped between the couch cushions, tangled in the sheets...the laundry basket. Can't find your phone? This clever website allows you to call your phone when you're friends aren't around to!

via Swiss Miss

The Joan Holloway Necklace

I developed a bit of an affection for Joan Holloway's necklace in Season Four of Mad Men. (She wore it in every episode!) I did a little poking around today...the one on set was rumored to be found at a garage sale.

1928 Jewelry offers this one (photographed above), noting: 1950s sophistication meets 1960s glamor with this Gold Tone Antique Inspired Pen Necklace. Rumored to be coveted by style icons such as Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn. I ordered one this afternoon!

Transfer Cutting Board

The cut-out on the side of the cutting board holds your plate securely so you can simply slide the food onto the plate. Genius!

Toilet Monster

The toilet monster. Need I say more? Find it at Hu2.

26 October 2010

Day Night Day Night

Wow. Up next in the Netflix queue, I'm a little apprehensive to watch Day Night Day Night. I have to admit I still give a second thought when trekking through Times Square.

Wrist Worms

I used to have a pair of these fingerless gloves in college (what self respecting Pacific Northwest student wouldn't?) These Wrist Worms come in every color...and are crafted by Sandra Juto.

Navajo Chairs

Each one is unique and I'd like two. Find the Navajo chairs at Anthropologie.

Autumn in New York

I'm hungry for Autumn to fully set into New York...burying myself in big scarves and shivering into lattes. Isn't this photo of Central Park from Diane Lee stunning?

Occupation Mugs

Occupation mugs from Designers Anonymous. Pretty clever, eh?

Living in a Canvas

I love how this space featured in Swedish Elle Interior! The rooms read like an artist's canvas.

Photography: Magnus Anesund.

24 October 2010

Yves Medam Photography

Absolutely stunning works from photographer Yves Medam...reminding me that I need to get behind my lenses. View more here.

Folding Colander by Joseph Joseph

Available in five colors, this folding colander from Joseph Joseph can be stored completely flat. While I am well stocked with fantastic copper colanders- one or two of these would be good holiday presents, no? My mother has pushed "no gifts, just stocking stuffers," in the past few years. These can definitely be wedged in!

New York Subway: Historical Photos

The New York Times has a pretty amazing set of historical photos of the subway. View the slideshow here.

23 October 2010

Copper and Wood at the Arts et Métiers Metro

I harbor a certain affection for the rainbow-colored, kitschy plastic chairs found in many Paris metro stations, but these variegated wood ones from the Arts et Metiers metro are pretty fantastic as well. The copper, steampunk style station was designed by Belgian artist Francois Schuiten and draws from science fiction works of Jules Verne.