28 September 2009

Mon Ami Gabi, a lunch on the Las Vegas Boulevard

Hours spent exploring, snapping photos and sweating: I cannot pin point a better escape than a lunch at Mon Ami Gabi; located on the Strip in Las Vegas. We settled in at a table next to a window with a generous views of the Bellagio's booming fountain show. To sip, we split a carafe of Mon Ami Gabi's take on Sangria: Frangria. The refreshing recipe included a smooth Beaujolais, Grand Marnier and sprig of Rosemary. I enjoyed a subtle buzz-

We nibbled on a baguette with whipped sweet cream butter, while considering menu options. Unfortunately, they were out of mussels (I was secretly pleased as I get squeamish about enjoying seafood inland).

I selected the Endive and Blue Cheese Salad with Cantaloupe and Watercress. The salad came a perfect match to the desert heat. Savory toyed with the sweet ripe melon, the soft buttery texture of the fruit balanced the crisp endives.

My partner chose my second choice (+1 we did share): Frisee and Bacon Salad with Poached Egg. The Frisee proved fresh and well matched to the thick cut hunks of bacon. The chives pulled together the presentation and the egg burst yolk in a delightfully sensual lubrication over the greens.

Pleasantly surprised: two words best catering to my thoughts of Mon Ami Gabi. Not your typical Vegas dining. Certainly my favorite meal of the trip.

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