20 September 2009

Cinema Cafe on 45th, a Midtown Lunch

In terms of Midtown business lunch- or a break from shopping with girlfriends- Cinema Cafe is the idyllic experience. Gorgeous presentation, tailored service and quality ingredients are the core. I settled in with Martin for iced tea while we mulled over the menus. After tossing around thoughts of crab cakes and salads, it seemed that Martin was in the mood for seafood. We decided to share a few plates:

Sliders: Miso Glazed Salmon Burgers with hot mango-cucumber salsa and cool chile verde. The burgers were surprisingly moist and well suited to the miso glaze. The cucumber-mango salsa came julienned and for my personal taste- could have had more kick. The one downfall was the bun. Both myself and Martin felt that it distracted from the other flavors. We chose frites over salad and found them to be quite excellent in complimenting the sliders.

On to the second plate: Louisiana Spiced Crab Cakes with cucumber tartar sauce and roasted corn and pepper salad. While the crab cakes were nearly 100% lump meat, I craved a bit of salt or other flavor present. The cucumber tartar sauce and corn salad was light, refreshing and unexpected.

To punctuate our meal, we sipped on espresso. I'd likely recommend Cinema to my colleagues...

(images from my iPhone).

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