03 September 2009

a dinner at Nobu 57

Long overdo, I stepped into Robert DeNiro's 'star-studed' Nobu 57, for dinner last night. I had the pleasure of meeting with a former colleague for a drink at the bar first- where the bar keep grabbed my arm, "Is that a Casio calculator watch?! Hey check it out," he waved to a few people behind the bar. We sipped until our 8:00pm reservation and headed upstairs. The team of hostesses worked seamlessly together in the 13,000 sq ft, 2 story restaurant. For a large space, the decor felt intimate and appropriately dark.

We sipped wine and perused the menu- ordering edamame and the Rock Shrimp Tempura with Ponzu to start. Whereas, the edamame is standard with course sea salt, the Rock Shrimp were a step above: light, fresh and tender.

We transitioned into a second course: Black Cod with Miso and Mesculin greens with a ginger-fused dressing. The Black Cod is among the best I've sampled. Large buttery flakes of fish fell on to our plates and we negotiated with our cutlery.

For our third course, we shared a large platter with a soft shell crab roll, spicy tuna, salmon and Eel. I tend to lean towards fusion dishes, but was quite happy to sample the fish in comparison to other venues' quality. Although the soft shell crab was excellent (and in season), the salmon and eel won my affection.

Image: USA Today.


Caroline Agin said...

I've been getting those comments on my watch for about, hmm, 7 years now.

SAKURA NYC said...

Do you ever get the, "Is that your wrist blackberry?"

(although I work in IT...so it's an expected joke to be tossed around?)