30 January 2015

Have a funny Superbowl weekend!

Wings. Beers. Commercials you want to watch. Cheers to Superbowl Weekend! Make sure to root for the Hawks (you can take the girl out of Seattle, but you can't take the Seattle out of the girl!). Between the cheers for the home team, I'm going to continue to pull together my travel posts around the adventures over the past handful of months. Stay tuned!


A round-up of things happening around the web:

A judge-y map of New York City.


Love these kicks! #wishlisted

Batman inspired me. Deeply.

I get nervous when my phone is below 75%. This makes makes me happy.

Taco Bell has a beef with emojis.

Living the dream.

Good Will Hunting...edit.

I would like to see this in the theatre.


For the love of bourbon.

It's a good time to go to Europe.

That is a tremendous amount of beer.

Image: Alysha Perisho. Fan Jade the Pug on Facebook. She's Pilgrim's #1 Lady.

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