10 October 2014

See you in 2015!

We're headed to Asia! We will be in China, Korea and Japan until the end of October. I am excited to capture our discoveries with my new Nikon Cool Pix camera  and share them on Flickr (some time in in 2015). You can keep up with our adventures over the next coming months via Twitter & Instagram.

Things happening around he web:

Bloomberg is officially a Knight.

What kiddos eat for breakfast around the globe.

Behold: the hoody pillow.

A delicious, simple salad.

Women on aging.

Why don't we all do this?

Hammocks on a high line.

The 50 Best Bars in the World.



Love this towel from H&M.

Cool bowl for a halloween party.

A map that shows Manhattan development over 250 years.

Image: Jeju Island, South Korea

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