03 July 2013

Youthful Reflections

I'm going to get a little more personal today. My grandfather passed a few days ago. My family had placed him in a memory care home a few months ago when it became clear that he needed therapy as he aged. The process has been challenging and at times funny. I'll hang on to the last afternoon I sat down with him a few weeks ago- he didn't know who I was this particular day as his present reality was in young adulthood. He began to socialize with my husband about delivering milk , "The women. Let me tell you. It's nice to deliver milk to these good-looking women."  He was a funny guy- and a martini at 5:00pm sharp every day kind of man. Read his obituary at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

I discovered this great series of photos from American photographer Tom Hussey, which feature older folks looking at reflections of younger versions of themselves. The powerful series promotes the research and treatment memory care patients living with Alzheimer's Dementia.

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