13 December 2010

Pearl Diner

There are certain expectations for New York City neighborhoods: a good bar, a decent bodega, excellent coffee joints, a comforting 24-hour diner... the Financial District has most of that covered. I had ordered delivery from Pearl Diner, a venture which proved disappointing. I decided to give it another go- maybe it's better to have the full sit-down experience?

We popped in around 11:00am- I noted to my friend- a few scenes from Remember Me were filmed in here. Did you see it? (He hadn't, you both should). The space is long, small and packed. A hopeful sign, if you don't take into account that this is the only diner in a six plus block radius, and the hours are tight- we're talking breakfast/lunch.
We ordered a few coffees, of which our disgruntled waitress brought in paper cups, "We're out of mugs." As well, two soiled menus with frayed corners. We get it. Pearl doesn't care.

For our meals, he had the tuna melt, and for myselft he mexican panini w/ grilled chicken, avocado, jalapenos and cheese. Both were unsurprisingly disappointing. Pita bread is not the same thing as panini bread...and the fries were mediocre at best.

We had to beg for water and refills of coffee. The host/cashier eventually stepped up to assist and the waitress later pretended to care that we managed to get what we asked for.

images: from my iPhone.

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