10 June 2013

Live Color Fully

We're back from the Baltic! It's been a wee bit hectic catching up with home and work tasks! I hope to  carve out time to go through and post my photos on Flickr soon!

A bit of the -status quo: chaos- is derived from my office undergoing a massive real estate re-stack of cubicles. I came in this morning to a larger cube (it's the Hamptons mansion of cubicles!) with a stunning view of Midtown Manhattan (why yes of course I can see the Empire State Building, City Hall and the Chrysler Building!). Albeit spacious with a lust-worthy view, I miss girlfriends from my previous location. I could use a little reminder of cheer. How about this paperweight from Kate Spade? We should all Live Color Fully....purchase at Nordstrom.

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