29 July 2011

Classic American Candy Bars

Can you recognize your favorites?

Legal Pad Paper Weight

This paper weight is crafted from  vinyl wrapped around a steel ball and made to look like a crumpled piece of legal pad paper. Find yours at the MoMA Design Store.

Duvet Theif

From Seoul designer Jeongmi Lee, this alarm clock robot steals your duvet to siren for your wake-up. Watch the video here. Apparently, it also poos on your floor.

via Dezeen.http://www.dezeen.com/2011/07/28/robot-cleaner-by-jeongmi-lee/#more-142507

28 July 2011

Saugerties Lighthouse

Situated a few hours north of Manhattan, the charming Saugerties Lighthouse is a bed and breakfast with two cozy guest rooms (psst...honey, it's dog friendly).


This could be really good, or awkward. I'm digging it though. And it's only $30.


Substrata is a case/stand for your iPad. Designed in Oregon, and tragically handsome-- find yours and other products built for Apple hardware here.

27 July 2011

Victoria Spruce Shoes

I'd daydreaming about slipping these on my feet and heading to cocktails. Aren't they charming? Check out more from designer Victoria Spruce here.

rosemary gin fizz

Don't you love the way that sounds? Gin Fizz.....

Here's the recipe...

Rosemary simple syrup
+Boil 2 cups water with 1/2 cup sugar until disolved. Turn of heat and place a few twigs of rosemary in the pot. Steep 10 minutes. Remove twigs. Cool in fridge.

+1 tbsp of rosemary simple syrup
+ 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
+ 1/4 cup gin
(stir w/ ice)
+top w/ a float of club soda

via: Simply Photo

26 July 2011

Pretty Frames

I love glasses. I do not need them, but I do have a pair of thick black nerdy frames with clear glass that I wear on occasion. In truth, the day my fiance noticed me in the office, was the first day I wore them! Aren't these pretty pink glasses gorgeous? Thanks for the tip, Cristina!

Life in a Day

Gorgeous. Let's watch this together, ok?

If the world lived like New Yorkers, we'd fit into Texas.

Here's a statistic to put things into perspective: if everyone in the world lived like New Yorkers, we'd fit into Texas.  Get a better look at the Gothamist feature.

A Rose by any other name.

I believe in tradition. I'm very much looking forward to being Mrs. Rose in the near future. In the spirit, I have revamped Sakura to Rose New York City. Thank you for your continued readership!


25 July 2011

Some of the things we ate: Roma

I had thought that I would write about each restaurant we experienced in Italy with individual posts. A pursuit, which would be a bit aggressive. Here's my collective feeling:

The fruit is above and beyond anything I've ever experienced (and I lived in California, the land of roadside farm stands!). I'm still fantasizing about noshing on tomatoes and sliced cantaloupe.

Buffalo mozzarella: creamy and moist, when you push your fork into it, the milk explodes onto your plate.

I couldn't get enough mussels some days. I'd have them for two meals a day. Fresh, garlicy and with toasty bruschetta to dip in the sauce--amazing.

I've found my new summer beverage: Spritz. The cocktail is a vibrant mix of prosecco and Aperol over ice and garnished with citrus fruit. After getting home to Manhattan, I picked up my Pug from my girlfriend and marched him to La Petit Cave, to stock up my fridge with the essentials to make my new favorite cocktail!

My contention is that the attention to detail and love of the labor in the food brings the quality of the ingredients and the dishes to a higher caliber. Beyond the family-owned cafes we visited, where the entire crowd of father, mother, sons and daughter would close up to eat together as we finished our wine- it was clear that the business of dining is taken seriously, right down to the bread basket and espresso punctuating the meal. Our waiter at Penna La D'Oca brought us a card with the address of his family villa scribbled across it, "the best beach, I am almost finished renovating it." There is something deeply humbling in the connection between food and the people who gingerly prepare your dishes. It's refreshing to see someone slowly plop three ice cubes into your cocktail, or to focus deeply on crafting your espresso.

Roma, a photo series

Rome understands me. A walking city full of stunning, detail oriented architecture and cafes that allow you to linger so long- you wonder if they will ever ask you to leave.View my full set of images at my Flickr page.