31 January 2013

Classic 30 Rock Jokes Retold as Infographics

The series finale of 30 Rock is (tragically!) a matter of hours away. I'll be reserving myself to self-medicating with re-runs, sandwiches with dipping sauce and these funny infographics of classic 30 Rock jokes from Vulture.

Crab Boxes

Do you live in a little house by the sea? Or possess a general love of crustaceans? These pretty little porcelain crabs are perfect for keeping your nautical charms safe! Find them at Greige.

30 January 2013

a dinner at St. Anselm

We transferred to the L train this past weekend- to meet friends for dinner in (sigh) Williamsburg. I'll admit that I wrinkled my judge-y nose as I took in three early twenty-somethings passing a Coors Light exchanging what they hoped to be ironic comments, stumbling in unison with the jerks of the train.

We hopped off at Bedford and set-up our iPhone GPS command center, leading us to Custom American Wine Bar until our agreed upon 6:30pm meeting time. Notable, as the list is exclusive to The States and has excellent Washington and Oregon wineries featured (+ free pop corn!).

Our company put our name on the list at St. Anselm, which does not take reservations, but does conveniently offer an iPhone app to track your progress in obtaining a table. Once you're on on the waiting list, most patrons set-up camp in the adjacent bar, which is unsurprisingly (genius!) owned by the same gentleman behind St. Anselm. The smell is quite peculiar, a sort of licorice and musk. It was very nearly offensive, but after we marinated in it for 2.5 hours and found ourselves being summoned to our table at the restaurant- ducks began to form in a row. As you step into St. Anselm, the thick warm scent of steak takes you over. It's literally the perfect pairing. I can't explain it any other way and I was certain the licorice-musk bar is absolutely integral to the process.

The interior is rough and a bit rustic- Americana- with weathered wood, vintage saws and  a promise of hormone and antibiotic-free meat.  We were greeted by a husky-country looking man,  of whom confirmed he was in fact from the Midwest: Kansas.

We immediately opened with bottles of red, wine braised octopus and  grilled artichoke hearts with aioli. Both tender, flavorful and at simply prepared.

For our second course, we shared a few plates of greens- ice berg and blue salad with hot bacon dressing and the grilled Halmoumi cheese with pea greens and long beans. Rich, sultry and satisfying- these could be a meal in themselves.

Our mains came in a hurry: butcher steak with garlic butter, lamb saddle with mint gremolata, salmon steak with garlic butter and the bourbon brined center cut pork chop. To accompany, we selected a few orders of the pan fried mashed potatoes with truffled oil, spinach gratin and scallions. We approached the spread family-style to fully experience the feast. The various proteins tasted as though the animals are been massaged, loved and well fed. There is really is no substitute for this quality.

Against all odds, we agreed to dessert. We selected pie, chocolate mousse with rich homemade whipped cream and port. It's now Wednesday and I am still harping on St. Anselm...thinking...hoping... can we can go back this Saturday? The 2.5 hour wait is well worth it. Go with good company that you can chuckle through the hours with.

Industrial George

The Industrial George lamp  would look marvelous in an open country kitchen with granite counters and a long raw-wood bench, no? More details at Rejuvenation.

29 January 2013

Horn Bangles

Oooo la la lovely bangles! From Boston-based shop Isabel Harvey, these pretty wrist candies are crafted from genuine horn and embedded with crystals. Further details here.

Big Fatty

Beauty dot com recently sent me a deluxe sample of Urban Decay's Big Fatty mascara... and I'm hooked. With a single stroke you achieve thick, luscious lashes. While I admit I already have long and dark lashes,  this product definitely has more of a punch than other products I've purchased without looking theatrical!

Purchase here.

28 January 2013

Daydreaming of Iceland

We've been home from Iceland for nearly a week and I'm still in a dreamy state over the stunning landscape and quaint Nordic-influence in Reykjavik. Although this was my first visit, everything felt familiar- a lovechild of my Pacific Northwest rearing between mountains and my mother's Swedish blood.

Street art appears around nearly every corner- from paint to glass and other scrap materials.

The Blue Lagoon and surrounding lava terrain is otherworldly. We floated in the warm water for hours with a glass of wine in hand.

Exploring new places with a camera and no agenda is my flavor. Harpa (above) and glimpses around Reykjavik below. 

We enjoyed some gorgeous meals of local seafood- whale, shark, herring and reindeer. Notable: the tasting menus at Sjavagrillid, hot dogs (really!) at Baejarinss Beztu Pylsur, bruschetta at Solon, Icelandic fish sampler at Geysir, cheap drinks and sports at Lebowski Bar, the hipster scene at Prikid , the Solid burger and lunch tasting menu of octopus salad and white fish at Islenski Barinn  and a ridiculous lobster feast at Fjorubordid during our Northern Lights excursion.

View the full set of photos on my Flickr & Instagram pages (keisharose_).

25 January 2013

Mr. Pickles Loafers

Glass of wine, loafing around with Mr. Pickles on your paws? Sounds like a Tuesday night to me. Marc by Marc Jacobs at Shop Bop.

Brooklyn Castle

Imagine if the chess mavens in your elementary school were the cool kids. At Brooklyn's IS 318, this is the reality. Brooklyn Castle follows the lives of five students living on the poverty line and how they are part of a school that built a chess empire with more championship titles than any other school in the nation.

B Hamburg Oyster Bag

While schlepping around Reykjavik, I came across a shop featuring a large selection of different furs crafted into everyday-use products. I couldn't resist investing in this leather and seal fur bag by recently established B. Hamburg. The Danish born designer focuses on sustainability and Europe's best fur sources. At present, B. Hamburg products are available for purchase in Northern Europe, China, Russia and Canada.  Read more/view the full collection here.

Pantone Stationary

Why not skip the email and send a little note instead? I occasionally post photos, cards or little gifts to my gal pals and family living outside of the city. From Pantone, this colorful set of stationary will brighten up a trip to the mailbox! Available at Urban Outfitters.

24 January 2013

etoile Winter in Central Park

We are in the thick of Winter in New York City. For the last few days I've been shuffling around in 16 degrees while friends, doormen and colleagues offer "Keep warm!" Is there any better time to indulge Winter in Central Park etoile collection? The Birchbox exclusive features three shades with real diamond dust blended with the polish for extra glam.

23 January 2013

Scotland's Shetland Ponies in Sweaters

Oh you. Scotland's adorable Tourism Board is luring in visitors with these Shetland ponies in sweaters. I mean, are you feeling the sudden urge to visit the country as I do? Read more at Gawker.

18 January 2013

Iceland bound!

We're heading to Iceland  tonight! Shall we take a tour on my ongoing love for this stunning country?

Mesmerizing video of the recent volcanic eruption in Grimsvotn.

Iceland in pairs.

A pretty and humble wedding.

Gorgeous modern architecture in Reykjavik.

Be Inspired by this tourism video.

Sverrir Thor's breathtaking photos.

Looks as though we should plan to eat ahead of boarding the plane.

Lyann Colligan's eye.

Hang your coat on this Raven from Birkiland Iceland.


Denim Portraits

Swedish-based British artist Ian Berry created a series of portraits on denim (yes these photos are someone's old jeans!) with bleach. Given the appropriate moniker Denimu, this jeanius describes his love with the durable fabric:

I found myself staring at them, wishing I could still fit in them remembering the times when I could. I was transfixed by the ripped, faded beauty of the fabric. How the different blues contrasted against each other in a sea of different blue shades.

 I couldn't part with them; they were such a big part of my past.

 Inspired by my old jeans I had the idea of cutting up old pairs of jeans to create images prolonging the life of the jean.

 Through a material that while personal to me, is also so ubiquitous - transcending borders, race, age, social class and time. A link to my past, but also to one another.

 Initially drawn to the artistic possibilities offered by the deep and varied texture of the fabric, later I became fascinated by the rich heritage of Denim. A story that has run alongside that of modern history. A material that abounds in dualities and meanings. A symbol of both egalitarianism and of materialism. A reflection of the world in which we live.

delovely Arts

From delovely Arts, these city love prints are available for customization to the home town you love. One of my favorite character traits in others is pride in one's roots! View the collection and options here.

17 January 2013


I'm big on keeping our pantry stocked with  nuts and other healthy snacks. NatureBox is a monthly subscription with the option to choose the products you'd like to receive ($19.95 for 5 bags, $29.95 for 10 bags) or to be surprised. We tend to go through our bulk bags of FreshDirect nuts every two months, so I think this frequency may be too much for two...but I did order their one-time delivery Superbowl box which contains eight bags of savory nuts and grains (think peppery pistachios, Lone Star trail mix!) and serves 20-25 guests.


16 January 2013

Heart of Glass Decanter

Why not open one of your good bottles of wine and share it with your sweetheart in this decanter by Riedel? Love! Additional details at Brides UK.

Urban Decay: Naked Nail Lacquer

The Urban Decay Naked line has expanded to nail polish! The set of six mini versatile shades have taken me  from office to cocktails and weekend too. Purchase at Sephora.

Wooden Tote Shou

Japanese artist Takumi Shimamura created these wooden totes with thin slices of wood strengthened by a resin technique. Amazing, no? I'm curious to feel them and explore their comfort and durability. Read more at gestalten.

15 January 2013

Juicy Steak & Fried Egg Pot Holders

Is there anything better than steak and eggs at brunch? Perhaps  steak and eggs with  bloody mary on the side. How funny are these pot holders? From Netherlands designer Loana Weber, you can purchase them (made to order!) here.

11 January 2013

No Seconds

Photographer Henry Hargreaves has created a series of photos depicting the last meals of well-known serial killers. Albeit morbid, the series, titled No Seconds, is fascinating, no? Read more at Skybambi.

04 January 2013

Happy Weekend!

We are headed to Pittsburgh this weekend for Serbian Christmas! My mum has reported temperatures of ten degrees and nine inches of snow! I'm excited to spend the next five days with family, friends, the roasting pig and jogging outside in the cold.

(Image: Wikipedia)

03 January 2013


The Etsy blog is presently showcasing Michigan based IScreenYouScreen. I love this message! What a great thought to keep tucked into your mind as we begin 2013. Peruse the full collection of prints here.