30 March 2012

Dog Stairlift

When I lived in Park Slope some years ago, I had a neighbor of whom lovingly carried his old lab up and down the stoop to go to the bathroom. Maybe he could invest in the World's First Dog Stairlift? Awww...

Raspberry Coconut Macaroons

Smitten Kitchen has the yummiest posts. I'm tempted to try to make these pretty raspberry-coconut macaroons. Wouldn't they be great for a spring party on the roof with your girly pals and a few bottles of Veuve Rose?

Wind Map

Wind map shows you the wind patterns presently rolling over the United States landscape. Either that, or we're really furry! Check it out!

via Swiss Miss

If you're happy and you know it.....ohhh

This made me laugh. Happy Friday! I realized earlier this week, that my birthday (April Fools Day, no joke!) falls on this Saturday. Is it strange that I'm not entirely energized to celebrate? I'm in full countdown concentration to the wedding. Two week from Saturday!


29 March 2012

Kate Middleton in Coral Jeans

I have a major girl crush on Kate Middleton. She's a classic beauty. If you want to take her queue on coral jeans, find them at Piperlime.

Flinstones Inspired Home

Have you ever desired a Flinstones-inspired home on 22 acres in Malibu? Priced at $3.5 million and formerly owned by Dick Clark, you can view more on this stunning home at Honestly WTF.

Serenity Necklace

From Stella & Dot, the Serenity necklace is the idea Spring and Summer transition piece. From white jean shorts and wedges to cocktail dress, this versitile piece is a win.

Culinary Salsa Growing Kit

Drinking margaritas and eating chips and salsa....what's better than that? Maybe throw in a beach? With this salsa growing kit, you can grow your own cilantro, tomatoes and jalapenos for the freshest salsa possible! Find the kit at ProFlowers International.

Two-Toned Envelop Clutch

Cute, simple and on trend, this two-tone envelop clutch is just what the fashion doctor ordered. Also in neon yellow, purchase at Nila Anthony.

Bunny Berry Bowl

Easter is very nearly here. How cute is this bunny berry bowl? Maybe fill it with jelly beans instead?

28 March 2012

Make your own pigs in a blanket.

As someone who enjoys entertaining...and pigs in a blanket, I have to say this device from Nostalgia Electronics caught my eye. I wonder if it's better than popping those piggies in the oven?

27 March 2012

Paris by color

Little Brown Pen shop organizes the City of Lights by color. Love listed.  Peruse and purchase at etsy. I'm inspired to take my camera out more.

Loft Resumes

I'm frequently asked to to rebuff resumes for pals. While I tend to instruct them to standardize- I can't help but love what Loft Resumes does! How fun? Perhaps not for banking, but if you're in a creative field, why not?

26 March 2012

Make your own cake pops.

Cake pops are the perfect dessert portion. Apparently, they're pretty easy to make too. Better Homes and Gardens is selling the device you need for $24.95. Yes, please!

Camel Print Shawl

From Virginia Johnson, this lightweigh merino wool camel-print shawl is the perfect summer accessory.
Designing a wedding over the past year has rekindled my love for physical cards.  Happy Birthday Cake cards look like a worthy investment! (Felt & Wire)

Pretty Wedges

Wedges are my summer staple. I love they way they can transition from casual exploring to a nice dinner while traveling. I love these, as they speak to the mint and neon trends this season! I wonder if they are good quality? I haven't purchased shoes from Payless before.

Colorblock Cape

While I was quite resistant to the poncho trend some years ago, I'm a little bit in love with these color block capes.  Wouldn't they look great with your favorite leggings and boots? They are dirt cheap on sale...tempted!

25 March 2012

MadMen Drinking Game (Yes!)

Well, I'm clearly an impatient puppy about MadMen Season 5 premier...Gothamist has posted a drinking game (Chris and I enjoy this...we recently designed a State of The Union Address drinking game:) Here are the guidelines:

Take A Sip...
—When a woman simpers in front of Don Draper.
—When Roger Sterling cracks a joke.
—When Peggy Olsen seems frustrated with being a working woman.
—When Pete Campbell acts weaselly.
—When Lane Pryce is being a horn dog.
—When someone cries in the office.
—Whenever Joan and Roger flirt.
Take A Shot...
—Whenever Don Draper tells someone, "No."
—Whenever Betty is a terrible mother.
—If Bert Cooper takes his shoes off.
—Whenever Sally Draper does or says something that breaks your heart.
—Whenever someone undermines one of their SCDP co-workers.
—Whenever Roger says something slightly racist.
—Whenever a real-life historical event is referenced.
Drink Your Whole Glass...
—If there's a Dick Whitman reference.
—If someone mentions Megan Calvet's teeth.
—If Don steals someones idea.
—If Roger leaves his wife Jane (Bonus: if he does so for Joan).
—If Don and Betty flirt and/or hookup.
—If Trudy Campbell wears a ridiculous hat.
—If Don seduces someone.
Down The Whole Bottle...
—If Don and Joan hook up.
—If Paul Kinsey or Sal Romano show up.
—If Duck Phillips tries to start a fight.
—If someone drives a lawnmower.
—If Miss Blankenship returns from the grave.
—If Harry Crane ISN'T a total douche.
—If Greg Harris (aka Dr. Rape) dies in Vietnam.
Take A Sobering Sip Of Prune Juice...
—For every roommate you have who doesn't watch Mad Men.

Wedding Hair Idea: Side French Twist

I'm still perusing ideas for my wedding day hair! My style needs to transition from photos to veil to no-veil at the reception. This twist to the side is a smidge of the beaten path, without being too adventurous.

via babble Family Style.

Ads from Real MadMen

 Tonight is the highly anticipated premiere of MadMen Season 5! I am making a slow cooked pot roast and bourbon-based cocktails for our little family to enjoy while viewing. In the continued spirit, I thought I'd share these ads from 'real MadMen'. View the full set here.

23 March 2012

RD2D Shoes

Impress that nerdy guy you've been eyeing with these sweet R2D2 slip-ons. My fiance is a huge nerd. Love him for it :)

Fox Ink Blot Mug

Can we discuss this awesome fox ink blot mug (or you know, whatever you see in the ink blot). Do you have any psychologist friends or perhaps a psychologist of your own? Perfect gift!

(Find it at Culture Label)

Enamel Zig Zag Rings

I bought these stackable zig zag rings from my favorite online shop ASOS...and they are so much fun!  Why not match your rings to your outfit every day?

22 March 2012

Caputo & Co

If I were venturing into the American Southwest, I would need to accessorize with pieces from Caputo & Co (I admit I've always had a crush on this region). To boot, you can feel good about buying these pieces: crafted from Guatemalan textiles, the maker works with local non-profits to provide jobs with fair wages. Read more here.

Corey Arnold

It comes as no surprise that photographer Corey Arnold doubles as a commercial Alaskan fisherman. These stunning shots remind me of tales friends that spent summers working on boats told. (View his portfolio)

Vogue Paris: Kate Moss at the Ritz Paris

A little inspiration to revisit Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette (with a bottle of bubbly popped) tonight: Vogue Paris' stunning photoshoot of Kate Moss at the Ritz Paris. View the series here.