30 September 2011

Six Striped Back Button Dress

Isn't this the perfect brunch dress? It could double as an afternoon of margaritas with chips/guacamole dress. Buy it at: Laws of General Economy.

Sub City Paris

One thing I deeply love about New York, is how different the culture can be in just a few blocks. At the surface of each subway station: you can emerge to find a new language being spoken around you, different architecture represented and a keen sense of style. Sub City Paris offers a similar experience within its lovely film sequence.

Wallet Clutch for iPhone 4

Albeit seemingly awkward to speak on the phone with your credit cards and cash stuck to the side of your face, I'm digging this Michael Kors Wallet Clutch for iPhone. I tend to find myself juggling my phone, work ID and wallet whilst carrying my bagel and iced tea back up to the cubical. I rarely talk on my phone anyways! I believe in texting.


Did you have Lunchables when you were a kid? I sure did. I admit I'd probably think they were gross, if I tried them today. Here's an adult alternative: gopicnic. The goodies include: Old Wisconsin Beef Salami, olive oil & sea salt crackers, Copper Cowbell Asiago cheese spread, cashew and dried fruit mix and chocolate cookie cluster. The only thing missing: a half bottle of bubbly to share! Check out more varieties here. I'm considering ordering a few for trips to Central Park and the next time we're traveling by plane!

Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová

The weekend is nearly here! Are you doing anything fun? A few of my close childhood girlfriends are flying in from Seattle to do wedding planning! Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová's You Aint Goin' Nowhere reminds me of driving around the Island we grew up on!

29 September 2011

Coral & Tusk

Coral & Tusk has a clever eye for embroidery. Their collection includes items for home decor, slippers and clothes for little ones, stationary and costumes for play time.

28 September 2011

Billy Buttons

Yellow is the color I've chosen for my bridesmaid dresses and centerpieces. Isn't this vase of Billy Buttons a gorgeous, simple look- that's a few notches beyond the ordinary?
I'm going to google them to see how hard they would be to get in April!

(Image/Idea: Thanks to Stephmodo)

Becca Stadtlander Illustrations

Kentucky-based artist Becca Stadtlander stirs up mixed feelings of comfort and the unknown within me. The scenes appear sweet, docile, but is there something around the corner? Her client list is pretty impressive too: The Oprah Magazine, The Oxford American and Blanket magazine- among others- have featured her work. (View more).

27 September 2011

Modular Love Mattress

Forget the new Sleep Number or Tempurpedic....we need a Modular Love Mattress! Let's get that comfy cuddling done right!

Spinal Tape

Truth be told, I usually use whatever tape I have around, to wrap packages for the mail. The Spinal Tape caught me offguard- gross? cool? I'll go with cool and use it send gifts to all my friends and family in the medical industry.

Autumn Wishlist

It's still muggy in New York, a detail which hasn't  distracted me from romanticizing about Fall Fashion! My wishlist includes this yummy silk leaflet blouse from Madewell and these gorgeous caramel boots at J.Crew.

26 September 2011

Scrabble Wall Art

I've been wondering how we might decorate our next apartment.  Scrabble wall art is pretty clever, no?

Crowned Cupcake

Cupcakes look even better with a crown, right? Wouldn't a big tray of these be grand at a toddler's princess party? Get the details at: The Cupcake Project.


A little daily inspiration from Tomboy Style: colored jeans.

a brunch at Blaue Gans

We opened our Sunday morning by heading over to the finish line for the Tunnel to Towers Run (we plan to get involved next year!) Following our venture to cheer on firefighters -in full gear- running a 5K...we wandered to Tribeca in search of a new brunch venue.

Having an itch to observe Oktoberfest, we landed at Blaue Gans. Appropriately decorated with wooden blue geese, the venue hosts a communal feel with picnic tables outside and a wide bar with large square stools. The crowd was mixed, but heavily laced with children in strollers.

Chris requested a beer-- and I couldn't resist the Hungarian Paprika margarita. (A stunning cocktail! Light and subtly spiced. I had two.)   For our mains, I selected the Gravlax with arugula, cucumber and a dallop of cream cheese), Chris chose the  Weißwurst with Brezel (two white sausages with Austrian sweet mustard and a large pretzel).

Although you might expect food from Bavaria to be heavy, we found it to be filling, but not weighing us down. Quite satisfying, albeit a bit pricy for brunch ($80 after tax and tip).

23 September 2011

Split Decision Pie

Pure genius: the split decision pie pan. I think I need one...and my mother needs four. I'd make split decision brownies and lemon bars too!

Ever After Honey Moon

I'm smitten with Ever After Honey Moon blog.  Though we've already booked our honey moon, the site doubles as a great vacation idea source! Albeit new, it's already full of real couples and stunning photos:)

humbling moments

This photo made me chuckle. Don't you love quarky, humbling moments? (From Arthur Steel).

mini mittens, gold pants

These little critters are too cute! Wouldn't they be great gestures to the person in the cubical next to you?  Find the Action Bunny With Shiny Gold pants here, the Mole in Mint Mittens here.

Vintage Osterizer

My mother had this exact blender when I was a child. I loved it: going between chop, puree, mix. Do you remember your mum's old stuff? Psst....you can still find these puppies on ebay.  (Images: A Desert Fete).

22 September 2011

Star Projector

The DIY Romantic Star Projector was missing from my senior prom. I shouldn't complain, we hosted the dance the Experience Music Project Museum...and it was planned by classmate Chris Benz.  It might be a pretty addition to the latter half of my wedding reception?

Bicycle Polo

Doesn't this look fun? Bicycle Polo dates back to 1891, in Ireland. Check out more Beauties on Bicycles here!

21 September 2011

Roasted Tomato Soup w/ Broiled Cheddar

If tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich had a love child- it would be this handsome roasted tomato soup with broiled cheddar cheese. Check out the recipe at Smitten Kitchen.

Magazine Cover Pillow Cases

Be on the cover of a magazine, without rolling up your photoshop muscles! Find yours at Ifmetry.

Mr. Cooper Lamps

From design studio Coco Flip, the Mr. Cooper lights are pretty sexy. Your writing and craft projects would definitely improve if these were hovering above your head.

Cloud Shaped Cabin

Located in France, this charming little cloud-shaped cabin was designed by Bruit du Frigo.  I would have loved this as a child. Ok, I'd still love to spend a weekend in it :)

Wrinkled Tablecloth

Margrethe Odgaard designed this pretty tablecloth to highlight the creases you need to follow, when folding it up for storage. Learn more on the Coppenhaged-based designer at Global Design Edited.

20 September 2011

Fishscape Bowl

The other day, as I was getting a pedicure, I couldn't help by glance at the little fighting fish in cups wondering, "Aren't they bored? Why do people always contain them to a tiny plastic cup?" If I were a fish in captivity, I'd hope for a Fishscape Bowl.

Arranging your food.

Do you ever play with your food?  These clever dishes have been designed by Casa de Perrin and photographed by Andrea Bricco.

(Thanks Oh Joy!)

19 September 2011


Manhattan is a small island. We've found ways to accommodate its popularity: build parks up, skyscrapers, high rise apartments and taking mass transportation underground. If you live in New York City and (or) have taken the subway, you're familiar with scenes much like the above. Imagine if someone, or three in this case, created a blueprint to remodel....

As much as I enjoy the view from my roof deck, I can't help but love the idea of a subterranean park. Most subway stations are- well- kind of gross. They definitely house rats and other creepy crawlers. This is where urban entrepreneurs James Ramsey, Dan Barasch hope to mine and transform an old terminal on the Lower East Side. To be called the Delancey Underground, it's already be dubbed The Lowline. Read more at New York Magazine.