31 August 2009


Beyond the photos, there's a documentary (I'm a huge documentary film buff). Learn more, and view the trailer for Michael Angus and Frederik Murray's SALT here.

Prints on Archival Quality Matte Paper

These prints from Snowblinded give me cravings- for camping.

Denver Artist Anthony Cozzi describes his work as "... a combination of digital
elements and nature’s raw and majestic beauty."

Because you cannot have too many knickers.

View more from Portland, Oregon's Makool Loves You here.
There's a blog too.

Jelly Brooklyn Concert, a photo series

Where the Gingers are.

Corner brew.



Williamsburg Tagged, a photo series

Sunset Williamsburg, a photo series

30 August 2009

Robert Polidori (New Orleans Photos)

Born in Montreal, photographer Robert Polidori has been living in Paris and New York since 1987. While most of his subjects have centered on urban photography, he drew some controversy after recording images of New Orleans, post-Katrina (in particular, he photographed a deceased victim, in his bed). Polidori uses as custom-designed Kipp Wettstein aerial camera.

He speaks to his art:

When images are soft, they just remain evocative, or in your imagination. You get a mood, and it remains on the emotional level. The viewer has to put more of him or herself into it. When there is more detail, it’s like that old expression: There’s no fiction stranger than reality. Reality will compose the most extreme paradoxes and contradictions and adjacencies, which can’t be understood

28 August 2009

Irena S. Photography

View more of Irena S.'s images here.

Benoit Paille Photography

View more of Benoit Paille's photos at Flickr.

Richard Shed Studio (Home Decor)

Located in Shoreditch, East London, Richard Shed Studio has worked with a number of clients in the UK, Europe and the US. To view more, navigate here.

Housing project in Helsingborg by Wilhelmson Arkitekter

Stockholm architects Wilhelmson Arkitekter have designed two six story, 14-unit apartmens with windows that look like gilded picture frames. The homes overlook the sea in Helsingborg, Sweden.

More here.