31 March 2009

vanity fair's spotlight women

Scarlett Johansson, photographed by Annie Leibovitz at Pfeiffer Beach, in Big Sur, California, for the August 2005 issue.

Keri Russell, photographed by Wayne Maser in New York City for the May 2006 issue.

Jessica Biel, photographed by Norman Jean Roy in Beverly Hills for the September 2006 issue.

Aren't they lovely? Check out the full twenty at Vanity Fair.

30 March 2009

overheard in new york.

I stumbled across Overheard in New York this afternoon. I may need to get involved...I can't even begin to explain the number of tremendously amusing things I hear throughout the day.

A few favorites:

You'll Never Go Hungry in New York, Sweetie

Mother, after listening to child talking nonstop: You are so bizarre.
Six-year-old boy,(seriously): I eat bugs.

--Central Park

Overheard by: Good to Know

On the Plus Side, I Get Tons Of Days Off for All Sorts Of Random Holidays

Overly enthusiastic customer: So I heard that they are coming out with a 32 gb iPhone for Christmas. Like a red product thing for Christmas. Is that true?
Overly perky Apple employee: Well, sir, I wouldn't know because I'm Jewish and whenever they have Christmas meetings, they kick me out of the room.

--Apple Store SoHo, Prince & Greene St

Overheard by: are they allowed to say that?

New York Invented Social Darwinism

Girl #1: We can't cross now! There are cars coming!
Girl #2, beginning to walk into street: Well, they can't hit all of us.

--Lexington & 3rd

Overheard by: Following the leader

Lipstick Rings Around the Toilet Bowl Are Never a Good Sign

Young daughter to mother flushing toilet: Mommy! It says "do not flush."
Mother: No, honey, it says "do not flush feminine products."
Young daughter: What are "feminine products"?
Mother (after pause): Lipstick.

--Macy's Bathroom, W 34th St

Overheard by: Brin

Mice Have Always Been Fashion-Forward

Gay guy #1: Do you know that mice can survive longer without water than a camel?
Gay guy #2: That's gorgeous. I love it.

--East Village

I Promise to Answer on the First Ring

Guido, shouting: Yo, who leaves a fuckin' business card in the shitter? Seriously!?
Man from across bathroom: You should call the number on the card, maybe they'll give you a blowjob.

--Grand Central Terminal

Overheard by: Michael

On the Plus Side, You Don't Have to Fight Any Wars in His Name

Beggar to two girls: Jesus loves you.
Girl #1: No, he doesn't.
Beggar: Yes, he does! Jesus loves everyone!
Girl #2: Yeah, okay.
Beggar: But he does, he loves you!
Girl #1: No, really, he doesn't. She's Jewish.
Beggar: Shit, I'm sorrrry.

--8th & Broadway

Overheard by: Madelyn

There Go the Horseback Riding Lessons, I Guess.

Mom #1: She refuses to wear slacks! She'll only wear dresses and skirts. She told me, "mommy, girls don't like to have anything between their legs except their underpants."
Mom #2: Let's hope she feels that way til she's twenty.

--1 Train

Overheard by: Harriet Vane


Street corner punk #1: Where did she say she lives?
Street corner punk #2: Yonkers.
Street corner punk #1: Yonkers? There's no place called "Yonkers"! She was playin' you, man.
Street corner punk #2: Whatchoo talkin' about, man? Yonkers is a city!
Street corner punk #2: Yeah right. There's also a city called "my balls."

--Sutphin Blvd & 89th Ave, Jamaica

Overheard by: Big Larry

And I really need to stop here. It's a black hole.

Image: mobane(dot) com.

29 March 2009

Lannam: Yummy Budget Lunch

It's hard to think of a better way to spend a dreary Sunday afternoon: movie, followed by warm, spicy food. Vadim and I caught a matinee of the Watchmen (woa, that was a long one) then decided to get some eats in Union Square. I hadn't been in Lannam for lunch, (only late night dinners): but the vibe is still good. A reasonable crowd, and prompt service.

For Dim Sum, we selected: Shrimp Siumai. A surprisingly light dish of rice and shrimp wrapped in dough then served in a bamboo steamer. Plum sauce accompanied, we added chili sauce as well.

I chose a small Pho for my main course. The menu describes the dish as, "A Hearty Oxtail Soup." I didn't find it particularly hearty, but rather: just right. Again: I have a torrid love affair with anything that requires me to get involved with the process. As tradition calls: a side of bean sprouts, basil, lemon and plum sauce to add as you see fit.

Vadim selected his usual: Thin and Tender Rice Crepe with beef for his protein. The dish is accompanied with piles of cucumber, lettuce, bean sprouts and fresh basil in Nuoc Cham sauce. The luncheon option comes the same as the dinner plate and is almost half the price. The beef was well prepared and crepe a divinely simple in flavor. All items were found well suited to the variety of sauces available to add.

I've found Lannam to be consistant and the drinks are cheap ($5 wines and beers) and easy to look at. Also recommended for sipping: Thai Iced Tea.

121 University Place, nr. 13th.

woo lae oak: i love you.

Do you ever have a meal that wraps you deep in ecstasy? For me: it's a combination of aesthetics, variety and involvement. Yesterday evening, I met up with Alvarez at Woo Lae Oak in SoHo.

The nouveau Korean BBQ spot was filled with warm smells, sexy legs and glances. We took off our shoes and settled in our table upstairs: wrapping our legs on cushions on the floor. The first thing I noticed (after spending some calculating the best way to position my self without giving the dining room a peep show, in my short dress) was that there were not only families with small children seated in nearby tables, but solo diners as well. Alvarez and I briefly discussed this before selecting cocktails: Lychee Martini and Woo Lae Oak's spin on a Julep.

To start, we selected (on enthusiastic recommendation of our server):

Pae Joo Gae- Minced Sea Scallops and Korean Pine Mushrooms baked in a Silky Shrimp Mousse. This was a bit of a production. The mousse came in shells, and on flames. The server distributed them on our plates, then took the flames away...we didn't get to play with fire, yet-

Dae Ji Jim- Slowly roasted Baby Pork Ribs basted in a tangy Soy and Chili Glaze on Crostini. The ribs proved themselves with moisture and accented slip off the bone and you played with them.

Go Chu Ti Kim- Korean Green Pepper stuffed with Tilapia Filet and Beet in a light Sesame Tempura Butter. A hearty appetizer with a pronounced kick. The spice wasn't one to linger- just catch your attention. The beets were a nice touch, and a bit of a surprise in flavor.

We switched to Ketel vodka with the transition to entrees. We decided on BBQ- when in Rome, n'est-ce pas?

We shared:

An Shim- Filet Mignon. A decent sized portion of thinly sliced beef with sliced onions.

Kal Bi: Boneless Beef Short Ribs. Decent-sized chunks of meat with a few mushrooms.

We flopped the meat onto the grill between us, attempting to prepare the meat through Ketel induced buzzes. Although we charred a few pieces, the involvment in the meal proved a lovely pleasure.

The server also brought us a colorful variety of kimchee and crispy seaweed chips. Ideal accents to the hearty BBQ and spiced appetizers. A wonderful meal. I'd return. Despite their bad rap for poor service (which was proven, despite the total of eight people serving us). Go in good company. Go to get knee deep in it.

Japonica: I've got nothing for you.

I found myself in Japonica last Wednesday: a place which claims to be the best sushi in town (according to Zagat). I'm not sure that I follow this logic, Zagat. Jason and I shared a platter of varied fish, shrimp tempura roll, sweet potato roll and beef negemaki. All I can really say: filling. The service polite, well delivered- but really there isn't much else there. It's run of the mill, standard sushi. No fireworks. No dancers. Easy location.

Foggy Sunday, a photo series

ground zero crane

ground zero crane(s): 2

broadway at fulton.

post watchmen: union square

color stacks

bins. boxes.

28 March 2009

FinDi AM, a photo series


another word: from big brother.

post walk: 1

BMW art cars by Warhol & others.

I caught wind of the BMW Art Cars exhibit through Style(dot) com and made it to that wing of Grand Central Terminal this afternoon. Among the artists: Warhol, Lichtenstein and Rauschenberg. Warhol said of his hand painted M1 "I adore the car. It's much better than a work of art" (1979). To read more, visit Reuters.

heavy saturday, a photo series

bball chinatown

a place of his own.

pass off

grand central babes

times square x.x.x.

midtown scramble, a photo series


deli men, lex.


glam pieces.

sweet one.

birds: 1

birds: 2


hot pants, times square.

27 March 2009

reflection: self portrait, a mobile upload

42nd St & Lexington Ave.


beautiful mess: twistori.

I've been attempting to get more into twitter lately. Within this lofty goal- I've gotten more accustomed...slightly addicted and more appreciative of the culture. This evening, I discovered Twistori. Love. It's a fatal combination of humor, depression and love. I'm hooked.

26 March 2009

Tight Beat: DJ Rupture

I can't strip this from my focus: DJ/Rupture.

The tight beat is described as having "...elements from UK dubstep and Brooklyn dancehall to Berlin abstraction, not to mention Brazil (Maga Bo), Finland (Clouds), Australia (Dead Leaf)."

You can hear it all. Take a step with it. Listen on the official myspace page.

It started with a seed: the agriculture.

Mum suggests Aerogarden.

My family communicates with regular "reply- all" emails back and forth. In recent discussion: recipes, cooking, collecting herbs (food). While speaking with my father over gchat tonight, he mentions that he sent me a "photo of something" that my mother is thinking she might get me.

(Yes that thing).

Now I understand that it's meant to be "garden fresh," but that does not seem natural to me. The conversation continues:

John: check it out http://www.aerogrow.com/

me: it screams cancer waves
i am going to walk to the gyro cart on water street
back in five or ten

John: hmmm its from Canada, it can't be harmful

(Half-hour later)

John: how was your gyro?

really spicy
i got soaking wet
it's rainy

exactly what I was thinking
Sent at 8:16 PM on Thursday
John: I always get greek when I go to Canada
Sent at 8:17 PM on Thursday

His response to the Sakura shout?

John: Honorary Canadian Citizenship. I can feel the offer coming.

me: wouldn't be a bad thing

John: no, I get excited thinking about all the bennies

You hear that? Things from Canada can't be harmful. Go in peace, good people.

It's Blitz: Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album.

Although it wasn't set for release until April 13, 2009, a leak got It's Blitz into the mainstream. I'm enjoying the punch and pulls in the nouveau chic Yeah Yeah Yeahs album. It's Spring rain. A bicycle ride down a long avenue. A plate of waffles with whip cream and strawberries. Closed eyes on a wooden roller coaster.

Listen to the New York band's new album (for free) at lala..

Sakura recommends: Track 4, Skeletons.

25 March 2009