27 February 2009

Friday Mobile Uploads-

Cab hail, Park Avenue Woman

lighting- grand central terminal.

at Trinity.

between steps:midtown east, a photo series








park avenue homes.


26 February 2009

Fredrik Marsh (photography)

I love the empty spaces and remnants that make up Fredrik Marsh photos of Dresden apartments. The photographer was born in Quantico, Virginia and studied at Ohio State University. Since 1978, Marsh has worked in over 200 showings of his work. Over the years he has received several grants, including one in Dresden (above images are from that particular project).

upper east side errands (a few polaroids)

varying architecture.

gloom and puff.

24 February 2009

hello Stil in Berlin (street style)

A little street style: to get you through the rest of your Tuesday. Stil in Berlin also has subjects photographed during travels to NYC, Coppenhaggen, Paris.... Most of the Berlin picks were a bit too clunky in the boot, or skinny in the jeans (on men) for my taste, but aren't these Berlin ladies gorgeous?

rebecca murtaugh (habitat colored by post-its)

I love office supplies. Brightly colored office supplies. Products that organize my life and make it more aesthetic. In fact, I developed a habit of putting post-its up in college that outline the tasks I had to accomplish ahead. There was something about having these notes become a part of my environment that made the completion of the projects more celebratory when I was able to pull down the post-it. Ergo, I found myself naturally drawn to Rebecca Murtaugh's work. She takes everyday pieces of our environment and turns them into Warhol-esque art. She earned a MFA from Virginia and has showcased her art in several shows over the years...

w/ love from: Record of the Day

From blogger Lobster and Swan comes side project: Record of the Day. Cozy and yet aware: these collages are lovely and playful. They are those of childhood projects and updated perspective. Again: I have the urge to go home and do something creative.